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Know the types of car insurance and its coverage

Know the types of car insurance and its coverage

Know the types of car insurance and its coverage, No one expects to ever suffer an accident, however, these are the order of the day and we cannot be totally convinced that we will never suffer one, that is why having car insurance is essential.

In addition, and in a very unfortunate way, in recent years the need to be covered for theft has been increasing and with it the price of car insurance.

In this context, it is very valuable to know what type of insurance exists and the coverage. In this article, we will talk about it to help you know which is the best car insurance and better yet, which is the one that best suits your needs.

The comprehensive coverage insurance is the most complete of all, it covers material and physical damage to the policy holder and third parties.

In the first place, we can classify insurance into three types: civil liability, limited coverage, and comprehensive coverage. There are also insurance companies that offer more services, but the cost is higher.

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liability insurance

This type of insurance only covers damage caused to third parties during an accident, that is, it will cover the expenses of the cars damaged during the mishap with the exception of yours, and it also protects against the destruction of urban furniture.

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In addition, it covers injuries to third parties, including if they require physical or psychological treatment after the event.

In the event that the person dies as a result of the accident, this insurance covers the expenses that are generated in the event of entering a legal process and if compensation is processed, you would also be covered.

What you must take into account is that civil liability insurance will not cover the damage caused to your car nor the physical damage suffered or suffered by your companions, regardless of whether you are a good driver and have not caused the accident.

This insurance classification is most used by companies that offer professional services such as transportation, construction companies, etc.

limited coverage insurance

This type of insurance is the most common in Mexico, among the 51 million people who have auto insurance, according to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services ( Condusef ).

Limited insurance has all the coverage of civil liability insurance, but adds new ones, the most important of which is undoubted that it bears the medical expenses of the insured. Such as expenses for ambulance services, nurses, hospitalization, medical care, and expenses for funeral services in the event of death.

These services are for the insured and all the people who were in the car at the time of the accident.

The insurance also covers the theft of the car, on some occasions, it will replace the unit or they will give you a high percentage of the value of the car, this will depend on the agency with whom you contract the insurance. You will also be compensated for damage to your person or your car caused during the theft.

Finally, limited insurance also has road and legal assistance.

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