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Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot

The majority of Amazon Parrots are generally aggressive, demanding birds, but this is not the case for the pink-crowned Amazon species. It’s smaller Amazon which is quite peaceful and has a quiet personality.

Many ways it’s an ideal pet over the more popular species however, it’s less vocal. It is an part of the Amazon family the shades are more muted however, it’s still stunning and makes an excellent companion bird for people who are experienced in caring for parrots.

Origin and History

The Lilac-crowned Amazon parrot is found on in the Pacific coastline of Mexico. Birds With Orange Beaks Their preferred environment is the humid pine or oak forests, reaching an elevation of around 6000 feet. The bird is named Finsch’s Parrot in honor of its name, which is derived from the German betcasinobro and explorationist Otto Finsch.

The wild population is declining because of habitat loss and illegal captures for pet trade. There are less than 10,000 birds left on the planet in wild. The wild bird population is thriving in California and within Orange County and in the San Gabriel mountains.


The Lilac-crowned Amazon parrots are active and curious birds of nature. As with all parrots, and Amazon parrots specifically they require lots of stimulation in their minds to stay healthy and content.

Lilac-crowned Amazon parrots develop solid bonds to their owners . They require regular interactions with other parrots in order to flourish.

As with many parrots and lizards with lilac crowns, Lilac-crowned Amazons can go through an emotional acting or biting stage when they grow sexually mature. This brief period of time is stressful for handlers. This is why this species is well with experienced owners of avians.

The Amazon with the lilac-crowned Amazon is quieter than other Amazons, which means it’s generally less loud. It is a smart species and is able to speak. It could also shout loudly in alarm when it senses danger or observes the presence of strangers.

Vocalizations and Speech

Although they’re not well-known for their ability to talk Lilac-crowned Amazon parrots are able to master an astonishingly vast vocabulary of phrases and words. If the bird listens to the same sounds, and stays around you, it can learn a few phrases. They do make the ability to make loud natural calls, but they’re not very frequently heard.

How to teach your bird to talk

The Lilac Colors of the Amazon Parrot Colors and Markings

Lilac-crowned Amazon parrots have bright green with an orange blaze on their foreheads, which changes to an iridescent , lilac-colored swath on their necks and heads. There are some hints of blue and red in their flight feathers, their horn-colored beaks and bluish flesh-colored feet.

The species closely resembles its one with the red crown Amazon parrot, though the crown is less vivid purple-lilac instead of the bright red. Additionally, it has a longer tail.

Males and females in this species are similar in appearance and color.   Fish With Big Forehead   To determine which is the sex the bird requires genetic or surgical sexual sexing.

Care for the Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot

Pets from the beginning of time, the lilac-crowned Amazon parrots are wonderful companions for bird owners who are experienced. Their charm, beauty and intellect have allowed them remain among the most sought-after Amazon birds.

As with the other Amazon bird species, the bird requires an big cage with enough space to exercise. Regular exercise reduces the chance of being overweight. The cage must be outfitted with a playpen on the top, as well as at the very least, a second playpen at home to be warriorofweb for daily out-of-cage trips.

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