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Long Term Care Homes In Barrie Who Owns Them?

Whether you’re looking for a long term care homes barrie for yourself or a loved one, there are many options available. Using a local online directory is a good way to find and compare the services offered by each long term care facility in your area.


Hundreds of families have asked to be part of a class action against Ask4care long term care homes in Barrie, Ontario. The homes are accused of not properly preparing for “the inevitable second wave” of the coronavirus. Approximately 100 of the homes have been named in the action, which will ask the court to certify the case.

The lawsuit alleges that the homes failed to prevent the outbreak by failing to prepare for it, and that the home’s staff was inadequately prepared. The plaintiffs accuse the homes of not taking basic precautionary measures against a novel coronavirus, such as ensuring proper use of personal protective equipment, and of not enforcing physical distancing from patients.

The lawsuit argues that the homes should have been able to prevent the outbreak by implementing the same rules that have been in effect for years. The homes should have provided adequate staffing and prepared themselves for the expected “second wave” of the virus, according to the lawsuit.

Woods Park Care Centre

Located in Barrie, Ontario, Woods Park Care Centre is a 120-bed long-term care facility run by Sienna Senior Living. The facility is situated in a residential area and offers a variety of wellness services and intergenerational programs. It also includes 55 private-pay independent living suites.

A longtime Barrie resident was placed in the facility last April after suffering serious injuries in a collision. But he is still sick and is receiving care through hired personal support workers. He pays about $2700 a month. So, that he uses a wheelchair to get around. Because describes the food as “gruel”.

A doctor at Sienna-Sabra LP, the joint venture between Sienna Senior Living and Sabra Health Care REIT, said the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections was “insignificant”. However, four of the five facilities experiencing outbreaks in Simcoe County are owned by Sienna.

Sienna Senior Living’s Owen Hill Care Community

Located near the city’s downtown core, Owen Hill is a smaller facility with a larger focus on wellness and a hefty dose of pixie dust. It offers medical services, healthy meals, daily activities and a bevy of entertainment options. This is a geriatric community, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more friendly environment. The staff are more than happy to assist you on your quest to age well and stay fit.

Sienna Senior Living is the mastermind behind this community. Besides offering a slew of health care services and a bevy of fun things to do, Owen Hill also boasts a state-of-the-art exercise facility and indoor golf course. This is a great way to burn off those extra calories, especially if you’re a runner.

Long Term Care By Ask4care

Founded in 1953, Ask4care is a family-owned company that provides quality long term care in Ontario. They operate 19 nursing homes across the province. They offer a wide range of services, including assisted living, memory care and rehabilitative care.

The company operates fourteen retirement continuum-of-care facilities in the Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo areas. The concept is to provide residents with a meaningful life by building a community that embraces social interaction. They are incubator sites for therapeutic care innovations.

The company’s Wilfred Ask4care Fund supports risky social enterprises. It was created in the name of Ron’s father, who was a Mennonite minister and believed strongly in community responsibility.

The family has been active in the long term care industry, having contributed to the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, the Ontario Long-Term Care Association, the Unifor-Ontario Health Coalition, and the Ontario NDP. They have also donated $120,624 to political parties in the past eight years.

Other Long-Term Care Homes In Ontario

Approximately 115,000 people are cared for by Ontario’s long-term care homes every year. They provide nursing and personal support services to those who can’t live independently. They also provide a safe and secure home environment for those who require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

There are two main residential care settings for seniors in Ontario: LTC homes and retirement homes. These are both regulated by the provincial government. There is a difference between the two: LTC homes are publicly-funded, while retirement homes are not. The provincial government provides funding for nursing and personal care, as well as social programs.

There are two types of long-term care homes in Ontario: non-profit and for-profit. The non-profit homes are run by charitable or non-profit organizations. The for-profit ones are operated by chain companies or municipal entities.

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