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How can I make my perfect resume by using resume templates?

If you’re making your first resume and searching for terms like “How do I make m perfect resume ?” this article is for you. In this post, we will discuss the most helpful tool for beginners who want to make their resumes quickly and with excellent results. I am talking about Resume Templates.

Resume Templates are a beginner resume maker’s best friend. There’s barely any way you can go wrong and results are always up to standard given you know what you are doing. In my professional life, I’ve made thousands of resumes for clients and friends alike and I can safely say that I’ve used befitting resume templates for 90% of them. So, it would be safe to assume that my perfect resume as a professional resume writer will be made using a pre-existing resume template.

Resume Templates

Resume Templates are simply put, a skeleton resume, containing elements of a resume such as headings and sections, without any content. Additionally, Resume Templates determine the visuals of a resume, that is to say, it defines the design and attractiveness of a resume and what design to use, depending on the user themself and the industry they plan on working in.

Resume Templates can be used by anyone, no matter where they are in their career. As I mentioned before my perfect resume has always been made by using a Resume template but there are a few things readers might want to keep in mind before making their resume using Resume Templates.

Things to remember when making a resume using Resume Templates 

Picking out a Resume Template 

While picking out your Resume Template it is very tempting to pick out the most lavish and intricately designed template that just screams “Look at me”. Even though this might be great to impress someone on the street for job applications this might not be such a good idea. Your choice of Resume Template should depend on your personality and should also be in line with the industry in which you want to find employment. For example in my perfect resume for an Accountant, I would use a more traditional-looking resume template that fulfills and showcases the requirements of the job with a minimally distracting design. However, if I were to make my perfect resume for a job opportunity at a high-powered law firm I would use a Dynamic “In your face” design that is sure to make me get noticed.

Make sure your Resume Template is ATS friendly

ATS programs are automated resume sifters that go through many resumes and pick only the ones that match certain criteria. As these programs are being widely used in medium to large companies it is a good idea to create a resume that adheres to their rules which are dependent on “Keywords” and “Formatting”. You can match the ATS criteria for “Keywords” using the content of your resume but the “Formatting” criteria in this context means the design, font style, and font size. This simply means that too much design or usage of fancy fonts or irregular font sizing might just throw the program off, which would mean the rejection of your resume.

Resume Format 

The resume format in this context pertains to the structure of the content of your resume. There are 3 resume formats that are accepted in the world today.

1. Reverse-Chronological – Emphasizes Work History and is used by professionals with experience

2. Functional – Focuses on the ability to make up for a lack of professional experience

3. Hybrid – Uses the strengths of one aspect of the resume to make up for the weakness of another.

As this is the industry standard my perfect resume will always adhere to the rules of resume formatting that are set and so should yours.

Where to find Resume Templates

Resume Templates can be found from various sources online as many services provide them for free. Online Resume templates can be filled in on a browser page, can be downloaded, and then filled in at the user’s leisure, and resume templates can be found ingrained in many resume-building services such as MyResumeLift Resume Builder.

Content of a Targeted Resume

Now that we’ve discussed the essentials of Resume Writing using Resume Templates let’s talk a little bit about why one should use a resume template to make their resume and how to do so. 

My perfect resume will always be a targeted resume, which means that each resume that I have made always targeted a specific job and contains content that is relevant to that job and that job alone. This can be quite the daunting and draining task if I were to write a resume from scratch that’s where Resume Templates come in. Resume Templates aren’t just great to make a single resume quickly but they are great for users who want to play the field and apply for multiple job opportunities which is a recommended practice.

Using a Resume Template resume makers do not have to worry about the formatting and the technical aspects of resume making as they are already taken care of for them granted the source of the Resume Template is legitimate and professional and then all they have to worry about is the content which they just have to fill in accordingly. Using Resume Templates users can achieve creating multiple targeted resumes without breaking a sweat and therefore are an invaluable tool in a resume maker’s proverbial shed.

MyResumeLift offers its users many beautifully designed Resume Templates ranging from Traditional to Dynamic to Creative designing without the users having to worry about a thing as they are all ATS approved and give the user a template of their choosing based on the type of job they are looking for. Visit MyResumeLift today to see for yourself.

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