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Many Opiate Addictions Come From Pain Management Clinics

Over the past ten years my company has seen a dramatic Chiropractic Therapy Clinic Rockie Ridge

 in calls from the pubic stating that they need detox, or drug treatment for an opiate addiction. When questioned about the type of addiction that has them in its thralls, they start the same routine that we alcohol and drug rehab professionals have heard daily.

“I hurt my back a couple of years ago and I was put on opiate.. usually starting with Vicodin and ending with OxyContin. Both of the drugs are opiate painkillers that are extremely addictive. Anyone taking these “medications” for over three weeks will have a physical addiction and physical an psychological craving for these drugs.

Depending on how early in the chain of addiction, the Chiropractic Treatment Services Crowfoot

 decides that he needs help will be the determinant factor and what else is attached to this tragic story. If it has gone on for a matter of years, their will usually be discussion of broken families and painful upsets.

When asked how the pain is today, they will say that they are going to a Pain Management Clinic that has been prescribing these drugs, but they know that they no longer need them. They know that these drugs have ruined their lives and they are now, usually, without the wherewithal to afford a good drug treatment facility. They state that they would do anything and live with any amount of pain if they could only get out of this addiction.

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