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Microphone Not Working On Chromebook


A microphone on a Chromebook is a fundamental requirement for a user since it is required for most applications to work. A Chromebook with a defective microphone diminishes your device’s efficiency and hampers its full potential. It might influence the routine of the user, too. For example, one wouldn’t be able to make conference calls on Zoom or Google Meet and won’t be able to utilize other voice chat applications on the Chromebook, either.

Luckily, various troubleshooting ways exist to solve this microphone problem and make the Chromebook operate perfectly again.

If you are having difficulty with the microphone on your Chromebook, check if your microphone is on in your settings. If it is enabled, check that your microphone is not muted, and, If it is not muted, verify that your microphone is not blocked. If all of the things described above are done, and the problem persists, then here are some alternative remedies to attempt, whether it is the built-in microphone or an external mic that may be connected in through USB:

Update The Chromebook

Chrome OS updates silently in the background, including stability and security fixes. Even if it updates automatically, it might be an excellent alternative to upgrade the Chromebook if the mic’s not functioning manually.

To upgrade your Chromebook manually:

  • Click the three-dot icon on the upper-right side of the screen and pick Settings.
  • Select About Chrome OS and select the Check for updates icon.
  • If an upgrade is available, let it install. A restart will likely be required to complete the installation.

Try The Beta Channel

When a Chrome update ruins things, you may still enroll in the Beta channel to see whether it corrects the issue. Consider opting into the Beta channel if your microphone used to work but abruptly stopped functioning after a recent Chrome upgrade. That may fix the problem since it utilizes a yet-to-be-released edition of Chrome which solves several of the defects on the current build.

To achieve this, run Chrome, go on Menu > About Google Chrome > Additional Details > Change Channel > Beta/Developer(unstable).

This will place you into the development channel, a trial platform for new features. Regardless, some users stated that they were able to cure the static or non-responsive mic using this.

Do not forget that this will erase the Chromebook and remove anything you have stored on it. So it’s advisable to backup data, which is crucial. However, everything saved online on Google’s servers will stay intact.

After you join Chrome OS Beta, verify whether your microphone functions by running a test.

Try A Third-Party Microphone Application

Try a different program to check whether it works if you’re only encountering trouble with the microphone when using Zoom, Google Meet, or any other application. The app you’re running might prompt the microphone to stop functioning on your Chromebook.

Install a simple program to test your microphone, such as Voice Recorder. If it works, there’s most likely a problem with another software’s audio input settings.

Each app differs, but you’ll be able to go into the program’s Options, discover microphone and sound input settings, and tweak them.

Try Using An External Microphone

It’s crucial to recognize that maybe it might be a hardware problem. If the built-in mic isn’t functioning, you’ll be able to check this by using an external mic. Users could use an external mic to rule out the idea that it’s a software problem. If the external mic doesn’t function, it clearly implies that the firmware has a problem.

If the external mic does function, then there may not be any other reason besides the fact that the built-in mic may have physically broken.

Blue Snowball Microphones drivers might be an excellent alternative. These mics are user-friendly and extremely straightforward to set up. There are no special blue snowball microphone drivers. However, verifying that you have updated the USB and audio drivers would be convenient to prevent unforeseen complications, such as the Blue Snowball Microphones drivers not functioning or picking up sounds.

This is generally simple, and ChromeOS automatically selects the external mic as default.

Just ensure both the ChromeOS sound preferences and the video and audio conferencing tools are referring to the same external mic rather than the built-in microphones.

Reset Chromebook With Powerwash

Suppose the microphone isn’t functioning on Chromebook as the last option. In that case, you may use the Powerwash function to return it to factory settings. The Powerwash method will delete all user profiles and restore your device as it arrived.

To Powerwash your Chromebook:

  • Open Settings > Advanced Settings > Reset Settings and click the Reset button.
  • To start the Powerwash function, you need to reboot the Chromebook—click the Restart icon and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The time it takes can differ, and your Chromebook will reboot a few times as it restores to factory settings.

It should be a last resort, as it might be not very accurate if the mic doesn’t function after a reset. Verify your warranty and contact technical support for more guidance. If it is under contract, you may have to deal with the shop you got it from in the first instance.


There are various methods to solve your microphone issue on a Chromebook. A mic that’s not functioning on a Chromebook might have multiple causes. It might be interference from other applications. It might be your settings. It might be that the sensitivity is cranked down too low. Regardless, it’s necessary to employ all the feasible approaches to fix a non-working mic on a Chromebook. Who knows, one of the approaches could work just perfectly for you.

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