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Muslim-related books to read during Ramadan

Muslims are frequently portrayed as a monolith, particularly in popular culture, where they are depicted as either oppressors or the oppressed.

Thankfully, books offer a more nuanced perspective. They display a wide range of experiences, touching on topics like Islamic history, love stories, discussions of feminism, and more in Islam. Arabian attars, dry fruits, and fresh fruits are the best Eid gifts to give loved ones and friends throughout Ramadan.

These novels will delight and educate you because they are all written by Muslim authors or feature Muslim people and characters.

Fast: According to the Quran & Sunnah

Fast is the third Islamic pillar, or Saum. Every act the son of Adam commits, except Saum, is for him, according to Allah’s Messenger (fasting). It’s for Me, and I’ll pay you back. Due to the high status of this act of worship, Muslims must understand the laws governing this month of fasting, so they will know what is required to observe it, what is prohibited from refraining from doing so, and what is permissible to avoid unnecessarily subjecting themselves to hardship by depriving themselves of it.

A Practical Guide to Making the Most of Fasting and Ramadan, Ameena’s Ramadan Diary

Ramadan for Ameena Beginning in late Rajab, Ameena starts getting ready for Ramadan. Ameena makes entries in her diary every day before, during, and after Ramadan, guiding you through everything from family-related issues to the dos and don’ts of prayer. Eid is typically celebrated by donning new clothes, visiting family members, and indulging in delectable food. They also provide their friends and family with the best Eid gifts.

With a hard profession and siblings who frequently try her patience, Ameena is determined to make the next Ramadan a great success. But with sound counsel from a sheik, encouragement from her friends, and a solid strategy, she is undoubtedly on the correct path to achieving her goals for the Holy Month.

Ramadan: A Chance to Get Closer to Your Lord

Oh, men and women who are fasting, how much today is like yesterday! Days fly by so rapidly that it seems like they are just moments. We just welcomed and bid farewell to the previous Ramadan. Only a few months have passed since the month-long fast, which lasted only a few hours.

Learn how to connect with your lord and make the most of the glorious month of Ramadan.

Arabic/English Version of the Kids’ My Deeds in Ramadan Kit

Children can learn to love Ramadan, have good manners, and carry out good actions throughout the month with the help of the “My Deeds in Ramadan” Kit for Kids, an interactive daily calendar. This is accomplished by utilizing engaging techniques that kids adore, such as coloring, sticking stickers, DIY projects, and more.

My First Ramadan

Look! In the sky, the new moon can be seen. Ramadan is about to start. As a young boy observes the Muslim holy month with his family, you may follow along. It will engage Even the youngest readers as the narrator recalls his memories of this unique holiday because this year, he is now old enough to observe the fast.

The Best Books About Islam, if you’re looking for them, selecting Muslim Memories is just one of the many items we’ve carefully scrutinized to ensure they meet our requirements for what we want in our house with our children. We naturally prefer to offer the same educational resources that will benefit both your children and their children to aid in the formation of vital life skills in both your children and their children. Muslim encounters that your kids and their kids will remember in the future. Come along on this pleasant tour of Muslim Memories as we move from our family to yours.

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