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Parental Guide To Adjusting Kids To The Best Preschool In Singapore

For some kids, starting with the best preschool in Singapore may seem super exciting, but the same cannot be said about every other kid. 

Even grown-up adults find it hard to adjust to a new environment and experience new things, let alone a toddler. Hence, it is absolutely normal if your kid is feeling overwhelmed with emotions. As a parent, however, you can prove to be of great help to your toddler. 

Here are some things you can do to prepare your preschooler for the Singapore international schools

How to prepare your child for the best Singapore International preschool

1- Prepare yourself 

The first step is enabling yourself to leave the kid at school. 

Kids tend to pick up non-verbal cues like sadness and stress quite well. Hence, it is imperative that you stay calm and be encouraging when talking to your kid attending Singapore international schools for the first time. 

Prepare yourself mentally to ease the transition for yourself and your kid. 

2- Maintain a fixed routine 

Children require a consistent routine. Ensure that your kid goes to bed on time so he wakes up fresh and active for the school morning. 

Creating a consistent healthy morning routine, like having breakfast, reading a book on the way to school, saying hello to the teacher and waving happy goodbye, can make things easier for kids. 

Often kids get cranky in the morning and may even cry. In such situations, try comforting your kid, making him understand the exciting things he can do in school and so on. If possible, try comforting your kid gently instead of yelling and being harsh. 

3- Speak with the teacher at Singapore international schools

It is imperative to have a good conversation with your kid’s teacher. Help her get familiarised with your kid’s habits and needs. 

When you are open about your kid’s needs, the teacher at the Singapore international schools tends to be super accommodating. She might pay extra attention and help make the transition easier for your kid. 

4- Prepare your little one for the best preschool in Singapore

Before your kid even starts his first day at the best preschool in Singapore, inculcate a few habits that might prepare him. 

Talk to your kid about preschool even before it begins. Perhaps take him on a preschool tour and show him around. 

You can also start reading books and try a few interactive activities, such as colouring and puzzle solving. 

5- Have productive interactions

Once your kid starts preschool, it is time to ask him the right questions. For instance, you can ask him how his day went, what he did at school, whether he made any new friends, what he liked at the best preschool in Singapore, what made him smile, and so on. 

These are all interactive questions that will engage your kid and get him accustomed to school quite well. 

Over to you

Although this initial phase of transitioning into a preschooler is challenging for both the kid and the parents, trust us; by following the tips suggested above, sooner or later, you and your kid will adjust to this new routine easily. 

The first few days are always hard. But your ability to cope will ensure your kid settles perfectly in his new best preschool in Singapore. 

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