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Powers Points that Make Cat6 Plenum Cable the Best in Business

Cat6 plenum-rated cables are one the most popular and widely used cable all around the world. Many people use this cable for safety reasons since its outer jacket is fire retardant. Not only that but it is packed with high-speed internet connections and other useful features. 

In this article, we’ll have a deeper understanding of how this cable works and what makes it the best in the business. So, let’s get started. 

Cat6 Plenum Cable’s Overview

Cat6 cables are the 6th generation cables with a twisted pair internal structure. It has eight copper wires twisted together in four pairs. This cable is backward compatible which makes it easier to use it with older categories like cat5e and cat5. Cat6 1000ft is ideal for all purposes including domestic, commercial, and big data centers. You’ll get the maximum speed and a stable connection with this cable due to pure copper conductors. 

Now that you get the gist of what cat6 cable is so let’s talk about the jacket types of this cable. 

Cat6 Outer Jacket Types

Any Ethernet cable has usually three types of jackets; plenum, risers, and polyvinyl chloride. Plenum-rated cables use for indoor purposes, especially in the plenum space of any building. These places are shafts and spaces between the walls. Plenum spaces have a purpose for air conditioning and heating. There is continuous air circulation in these places which makes them prone to fire accidents. Plenum coating has fire retardant qualities. In case of a fire, these cables would burn slowly emitting a lot of smoke making the fire easy to detect. 

Riser-rated cables are ideal for riser spaces. These are vertical spaces in any building. Since there is not much air circulation, you can use a riser cable in those places. And PVC cables are made for outdoor installations. Their thick jacket withstands extreme weather conditions. Many users prefer plenum cables because of their high quality and durability. 

Network Speed & Frequency

Cat6 cables have eight conductors twisted together in four pairs. Manufacturers use pure copper to give you the best conductivity and a stable connection. There are further two categories based on the conductor pairs; shielded and unshielded. The shielded cable has an extra layer of coating around the conductor pairs and vice versa. 

The technical aspects of the cat6 plenum are what make this cable stand out among the rest of the Ethernet cables. This cable can deliver data at a whopping speed of 10Gbps at a distance of 55 meters. The bandwidth capacity of this cable is 550MHz. These features will help you get a strong signal even from a significant distance. 

The internal copper wires have a diameter of 23AWG which means they are comparatively thin wires. This allows the cable to have tightly twisted pairs of conductors to reduce crosstalk. Crosstalk is a phenomenon that happens when signals from one cable mix with another cable. This can damage the integrity of your data. Crosstalk also impacts the data transfer rate and impedes signals. 

Why Cat6 Plenum Cable is a Bit Pricy?

Primarily, cat6 plenum-rated cable and cat6 riser cable differ in safety standards. Plenum cables meet the strict safety standard UL910 and that is why this cable is in such high demand. Plenum cables can replace riser cables but not the other way around. That is why many installers choose only plenum cables because it reduces the storage requirement and streamlines inventory. 

The outer jacket is yet another factor that makes these cables a bit more expensive. Plenum-rated jackets are made of low-smoke PVC. These jackets have superior chemical resistance as well as electrical properties. The operating temperature of these cables is -25 to 125 degrees Celsius. These cables do not leak hazardous gases unlike riser or PVC cables and that is why these cables are pricier than the rest. 

Cat6 Plenum Utilization

Cat6 cables are considered the backbone of any network. Though slightly more expensive than its predecessors like cat5e and cat5, this cable is far more reliable at longer distances. Cat6 plenum is a good fit for the wave of 60W & 90W PoE (Power over Ethernet) applications. With superior qualities and less crosstalk, cat6 cable is ideal for both domestic and commercial purposes. 

Final Verdict If you are still having difficulty in deciding on getting a cable for your network, we would suggest you check your network requirement before jumping to a conclusion. Even though plenum-rated cables are a bit expensive but in the long run you’ll have the full value of your investment. 

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