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Profitable Mushroom Farming In India – Proper Information 

Mushroom Farming is also known as mushroom in many states of India. This fungous cube is used to make things like vegetables, pickles and pakoras in food. Many types of nutrients are present inside the mushroom, which are very beneficial for the human body. Mushroom cultivation has been done worldwide for thousands of years, but mushroom has been grown in India for three decades. 

In our country, it is also used as medicine apart from eating mushrooms. Due to the presence of high-level properties such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins in mushrooms, it has particular importance in food worldwide. Moreover, it takes less space to cultivate mushrooms. Due to this, farmer brothers are earning manifold profits by cultivating mushrooms in less time. If you are also planning to do mushroom cultivation, then in this post, you are being given important information related to mushroom cultivation.

Mushroom Cultivation in India 

Cultivation of mushrooms requires a closed space. Apart from this, many materials are also needed, inside which mushrooms are prepared. Initially, rectangular moulds of proper length and height are designed for a mushroom crop, which looks like a box. At present, these moulds are made of things other than wood. The straw should not get wet in the rain, and if it is not chopped, it should be cut with a machine. For which you will also need a straw harvesting machine.

The chopped straw is then boiled, which is used to grow the seeds. Next, straw is cooked in large quantities, which requires two large drums. After this, the boiled straw is cooled and filled into the sacks, after which the seeds are planted in those sacks. Now the mouths of these sacks are tied with rope, sackcloth, or polythene. After all these procedures, a sprayer or a large cooler is also needed to maintain the moisture in these bores.

Seed Preparation

In mushroom cultivation, waste manure is prepared to grow the seeds. For this, the waste residues of agriculture are used and not used in rain-soaked agricultural waste. The length of these agricultural wastes should be up to 8 cm so they can be machined and prepared. For seed preparation Eicher 242 tractor model is best. And it comes at a nominal price range.  

Microflora is created while preparing the waste manure. Cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin are also present in this prepared compost. Rice and maize straw are considered more suitable than wheat straw. Because cubes are designed faster in this straw. Initially, the mushrooms are kept in a closed room, but once they come out in cubes, they need at least 6 hours of fresh air. Therefore, it is necessary to have windows and doors where mushrooms are grown so that the air keeps coming into the rooms.

Sowing Method 

Apply the polythene well on the slab made in the receptacle-like moulds prepared for transplanting the mushroom seeds. After that, spread a 6-8 inch thick layer of compost. The sources (spawn) should be given a pulse on top of this compost manure layer. They should be covered with polythene immediately after sowing. 500-750 GM spawn is sufficient for sowing seeds in 100 KG of compost manure.

Preservation Seeds

Mushroom seeds get spoiled within 48 hours if the temperature is 40 degrees. After which, these seeds start smelling. For this, they should be brought in the nighttime in the summer. Therefore, to give the minimum temperature to the sources, those seeds should be kept in thermocol containers filled with ice. After which, there will be no problem carrying these seeds from one place to another. Apart from this, in taking to any other place, it should be taken by air-conditioned vehicle.

Seed Storage

Fresh mushroom seeds spread more rapidly in the compost, allowing the mushroom to emerge sooner from the source and yield increases. Despite this, it becomes necessary to store the seeds in many circumstances. Under such conditions, keeping the roots in the refrigerator for 15-20 days can save them from getting destroyed.


Mushroom seeds are ready to give mushrooms about 30 to 40 days after transplanting. Then, for its harvesting, the mushroom’s stalk should be broken by rotating it slightly from near the ground. After which they are sent to sell in the market. Apart from this, there are some varieties of mushrooms, which are dried and sold by making their powder. Moreover, for better harvesting Eicher 241 is best for farmers because it comes with advanced specifications. 

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