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Proper Tennis Shoes Matter on the Court

Tennis is a fast-paced game that can leave you feeling sore within just a few hours. Moreover, since there are so many different surfaces to play on, there’s often not one perfect shoe for every circumstance. Playing in worn-out shoes will only cause more problems down the road. Whether you are just starting or have been playing for years, a set of good-quality tennis sports shoes will help you reach your full potential as a player and improve your game over time. Here are some things to consider when purchasing new tennis shoes:

1) Select the shoes according to the court:

Depending on the surface, there are different tennis shoes for men. They differ primarily in terms of the type of court they are designed for. The main types of tennis shoes are:

  • Hard Court Shoes: The primary function of hard-court shoes is to provide you with the proper amount of traction while you are playing. As a result, they tend to weigh a little more, but they’ll last a lot longer than other types of surface-specific footwear.
  • Clay Court Shoes: The outsole of clay tennis shoes in India is often decorated with patterns. This is to aid in traction on a clay court while minimizing the amount of clay retained in the shoe’s sole. Clay will adhere to the shoe, but that’s not what you want.
  • Grass Court Shoes: These shoes are specifically designed to wear on grass court. They have a bottom with little nubs or robbery cleats to help grip into the slippery grass courts.

2) What to expect from tennis shoes?

There are four distinct components to every pair of tennis shoes:

  • Lateral support: There are lateral, side-to-side supports on tennis shoes to prevent ankle writetruly and other knee and hip discomfort. Asics men’s tennis shoes with a heavier and firmer feel are more durable.
  • Outrigger: The outrigger present on the outside of the shoe optimizes side-to-side movements. With more excellent foot stability, lateral motions become smoother and speedier.
  • Toe guard: Tennis shoes come with toe guards to ensure durability while pushing off, dragging the toes, or stopping suddenly.
  • Flat and thick outsoles: Asics Tennis shoes for women have flat outsoles to facilitate energy transfer and ease of movement. In addition to being thicker, the outsoles are usually more durable. 

3) Game Style: 

Is your game light-footed, fast and furious? Or are you a baseliner who needs ankle support? Tennis shoes should fit your body and your game, so consider the following varieties of tennis shoes:

  • Middleweight Tennis Shoes,
  • Lightweight Tennis Shoes, 
  • Featherlight Tennis Shoes.

4) Your Feet:

There’s something about every player’s feet that makes them unique. Foot width varies from player to player. Luckily, we can find tennis shoes that fit your feet perfectly. Let’s start by figuring out your foot type. Your foot type can be determined by using a wet test. Wet your feet and leave an imprint to find your feet type from the following.

  • Overpronation: Your foot is overpronated if it leaves a complete imprint. A stabilizing tennis shoe is necessary for overpronators who roll their foot inward during every stride.
  • Neutral: If a moderate amount of space is visible in the arch area, your feet are neutral. Typically, neutral-footed athletes can wear any tennis shoe.
  • Under pronation/Supination: Supinated feet leave a large, open imprint on the floor. While making quick, lateral movements, supinators roll their foot outward during every stride. A more flexible shoe will alleviate any shock issues.

Wrapping Up:

Tennis shoes are the essential piece of equipment that you can own for your game. However, choosing the right pair of tennis shoes for your feet is important.  Unless you are only looking for them for decorative purposes, your decision shouldn’t be based on the kind of colors they thedigitaluprise in or the fancy designs they feature. The frequency of your play and your goals will determine how often you play and the need for new pair of Asics tennis shoes. If you plan on playing more than once, tennis shoes are essential. Besides improving your tennis skills, this will prevent you from getting injured. So, when are you bringing home your new tennis shoes?

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