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Reishi Mushroom Tea Benefits: A Tea Drinker’s Guide

One of the most studied and documented examples of what are mushrooms good for, The Mushroom of Immortality, has a long history of use in alternative medicine, dating back thousands of years. It is commonly prescribed for various conditions, including liver disease, cancer, and depression.

Is there any proof to support these assertions? While it hasn’t been scientifically proven (yet..) that this mushroom will grant you eternal life, it more than lives up to its healthy name in several other respects.

Here at Tamim Teas, we have faith in the curative properties of these herbal remedies. Due to this need, we have developed not one but two unique and delectable reishi mushroom tea blends. That’s why we think it’s essential for you to gain a deeper understanding.

Results from Using Reishi Mushrooms

Like many other valuable mushrooms, we know they play a significant role in traditional medicine. We’ll now examine their contemporary and Western applications, which have been verified by academic research (in addition to the countless personal anecdotes on the subject!).

The Immune System

The positive effects of reishi mushrooms on immunity have been examined extensively. Reishi has been touted as an immune booster by both traditional and Western medicine.

The research supports this contention. Have in mind the following:

  • Several immunological markers were found to be increased, and the function of immune system cells was shown to be enhanced in one cellular investigation using reishi mushroom extracts.
  • Other research shows that reishi has potent antiviral and antioxidant effects.
  • Studies have shown that reishi mushroom may improve immune function in people with advanced cancer, who typically have weakened immune systems.
  • As a bonus, reishi has been shown to alleviate inflammation and immune-related symptoms.

More animal and human investigations are needed to verify these results’ mechanisms and potential uses.

Mood and Relaxation

Among reishi’s many benefits, its calming effects are among the most well-known. If you’re looking for a method to relax and unwind at the end of a long day, try a cup of our Reishi Delight.

Four weeks of reishi led to a significant decrease in anxiety and depression in a study of breast cancer survivors.

Another study found that after consuming reishi, people felt significantly better.

Remember that these research efforts focused on people already dealing with a chronic disease. But these findings also imply that consuming reishi mushrooms can help you unwind and feel better overall.

Research on animals has shown similar results. Thus this theory is sound. Mice given a reishi mushroom supplement showed anti-anxiety effects comparable to diazepam, according to one study (an anti-anxiety pharmaceutical medication).


Many people use Reishi to aid with sleep because of the sedative effects it has on the mind and body. Reishi has been shown to help with sleep because it improves energy levels and a general sense of well-being.

Many studies have shown that reishi helps people with trouble falling or staying asleep. This research suggests that reishi may work as a “sleep-promoting factor” by decreasing tension and anxiety levels, negatively affecting one’s ability to get decent shut-eye.

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