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Revature Discusses The Importance Of Democratizing Technology

Democratizing technology implies to putting technological tools in the hands of the people, and providing individuals the chance to build new futures by creating their own tech. It has helped many people to gain easy access to the internet, and has influenced almost every sector, starting from marketing to healthcare. Due to the sheer possibilities associated with the democratization of technology, this trend attracts many towards the field of tech. People planning to build their career in tech can always seek out the assistance of Revature.

Revature sheds light on the advantageous aspects of the democratization of technology

Also known as “citizen access”, the democratization of tech is the process of enabling the masses to access and take part in tech advancement and implementation. The popular research firm Gartner defines democratization of technology as a strategic trend that provides easy access to business or technical expertise, without any expensive or extensive learning. Today people have access to tech apps, tutorials, software, and online communities that can assist in solving tech related issues or answer important queries. It bypasses the need to study a certain degree or work for an innovation-driving organization to get answers.

The concept of democratizing technology goes way beyond just enabling people to use new tech tools. It actually allows laypeople, and not just experts, to drive digital transformation. Democratizing tech helps empower:

  • Autonomy: Self ruler-ship or the ability to freely determine one’s own actions
  • Agency: Capacity to make a choice from various options
  • Collaboration: Teamwork that takes place as people strive together to solve a problem
  • Innovation: Developing something new and efficient, sustainable, equitable, or agile
  • Creativity: Divergent thinking, design and remixing

Technology in the hands of many can produce many powerful results. Disability activists, for instance, are democratizing technology and making their own accessible designs available for little to no cost online. Accessibility tools created via the democratization of tech are many. Guides for designing content that is orderly structured for people with disabilities to interact with using assistive technologies. These assistance technologies can be voice input machines, Braille readers, color modes, screen readers, and so on. Examples of legible typography with responsible use of animations and adequate color contract additionally help designers to avoid triggering seizures in users with disabilities.

IT workers were the ones to solely drive application development at companies traditionally, as app development was not user-friendly. Developers had to read and gain a good understanding of coding languages in order to produce useful applications. But things have changed a lot over the years. Today there are low-code and no-code app platforms available that allow of-business employees in fields of business analytics, marketing, and administration to create their own apps. When combined with guardrails to avoid accidental security risks, democratization of technology is able to foster grassroots innovation.

The democratization of technology is truly a movement worth celebrating. This trend of empowering individuals to harness cutting-edge technology helps make the world more efficient and accessible. Powered by creative innovation and collaborative exploration, the notion of democratizing technology encourages many to make their career in tech. The training programs of Revature help both current professionals and recent graduates with the skills they need to break into the tech field.