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Role of Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Logistics is crucial for raw material procurement when sourcing construction material online. Creating an efficient logistics strategy through technology adoption can streamline your timeline and provide the minimum delivery times when compared to traditional means of procuring building material. With stringent quality control under BIS standards, OfBusiness provides end-to-end raw material procurement services, delivered at the best possible prices and in the least amount of time.

Businesses of all sizes need to streamline the logistics process to minimize costs and boost the overall efficiency of operations. Some of the primary roles logistics plays in supply chain management are:

Order Processing

Saving time at the start of the process itself, purchasing construction material online lets you have access to the widest range of products in as-per-requirement quantities from the comfort of your home. At OfBusiness, a central database maintains an account of stock and provides real-time estimates of deliveries to your site. We ensure that your raw material procurement goes as smoothly as possible. Your orders are prepared, packed and delivered to their destination in minimal times from the moment you place the order, at any hour of the day. 

Central Warehouse

Maintaining a centralized inventory allows OfBusiness to provide the largest possible range of choices, across different order sizes. Along with proper storage and safeguarding, this also allows immediate raw material procurement in a single order containing multiple products involved from different stages of the construction project.

OfBusiness constantly monitors and updates its inventory based on market demand and advancements in technology. We also understand the nature of different materials and store them as suggested by the manufacturers. We specialise in fulfilling diverse customer needs with robust material storage and handling practices. 

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Packaging & Transportation

Products are inevitably subjected to rough conditions during transportation. Anticipating this is necessary to ensure minimal damage and the safe delivery of your every order. A well-packaged product ensures little to no deterioration, damage or tampering. 

While ordering construction material online has never been easier, your order’s delivery is our priority in the physical world. We actively optimize our systems and have the best logistics partners with field-proven expertise in route efficiency to save cost, time and any hassles.

Transparency & Control

Raw material procurement has traditionally been a shady and taxing process. However, switching to OfBusiness’ digitized central platform gives you total control of your requirements which may change in scale every time. This also lets you select available logistics vendors and gives you real-time updates on your order’s progress. 

Toys for girls company management plan that buying construction material online through us gives you the best possible prices for all your requirements through a centralized marketplace. This platform, based on fair pricing, aggregates customer requests to match them with supplier chains to offer economies of scale. Maintaining high levels of transparency is a crucial goal we strive to achieve for a better tomorrow.

Fast Response

As professionals, we provide complete guidance at all stages of the process to ensure the best possible outcomes for all your dreams. We, at of business value your time and leave no stone unturned towards realising your vision with the best products, across the widest possible range, at the lowest prices and delivered in the least possible time period, at your location.

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