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Six Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning is Not Cooling? 

On hot summer days (and nights), air conditioning is essential to keep you feeling comfortable. If it’s not working properly and so not cooling your property, you need to get it sorted out quickly. Luckily, the reasons for this are usually easy to identify.

1. Clogged Air Filter

The purpose of the air filter is to trap airborne particles ac repairing in dubai so they don’t cause damage to the air conditioning unit. However, over time, the filter can become clogged with dirt, which will restrict the flow of air and may cause the evaporator coil to freeze. It is advisable to clean the filter monthly to prevent this from happening.

2. Thermostat Problems

Although it can seem too obvious, the air conditioner may not be cooling because it is set at too high a temperature. If so, set it correctly, otherwise, it may not be working properly. Problems may occur if the thermostat is not clean, is positioned incorrectly or has batteries that need replacing. Seek professional help if you’re not sure.

3. Malfunctioning Air Conditioning Units

The condenser is the external unit that converts hot air to cooled air and it won’t work properly if it is clogged with dirt or there is some obstruction. Clean it frequently and remove plants and other items immediately surrounding it to prevent these problems.

The evaporator is the inside unit that transfers warm air to the external condenser and any dirt in the unit will reduce its efficiency. Inspect it regularly and ensure it’s clean.

4. Faulty Fan Motors

Fans within the system dissipate heat from the external unit and distribute cooled air internally. Any that are not working correctly will cause the system to be inefficient.

5. Damaged Compressor

The compressor manages the refrigerant flow between the internal evaporator and the external condenser. If the compressor is damaged, it will be unable to cool the air correctly and needs to be replaced.

6. Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is a fluid that absorbs the heat from the air, so the air is cooled. A low level of refrigerant may indicate a leak, which you can often detect by a bubbling noise or a build-up of ice on the external unit. If so, it needs to be fixed by a professional to ensure the system cools correctly.

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Looking After your System

Although you can inspect and clean the system yourself, you may not always be aware of what to do. Additionally, certain air conditioning maintenance and repair jobs must be undertaken by qualified technicians.

The best way to ensure your air conditioning system in UAE Keynes is always working correctly and efficiently is to have it serviced regularly. At Batchelor Air Conditioning and Refrigeration company, we can look after your system and ensure it always works at peak efficiency. We can arrange service visits at a frequency and time to suit you and have a large stock of spares to fix any problems and ensure your system works as well as it can. And, if you do have a malfunction, our call-out service will get you up and running again quickly. So, you’ll not have to worry about a lack of cool air ever again.

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