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Some Special Characters of Haikyuu Web Series

The Haikyuu series is a Japanese sports anime created by Haruichi Furudate. The series follows the story of Hinata Shoyo, a first-year high school student who joins Karasuno High School’s volleyball club.

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Karasuno is a high school volleyball team who represents Karasuno High School. The team is based on the real life Karasuno High School, a private high school located in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The protagonist of the series, Hinata Shouyou, makes his first appearance in volume 1 as an elementary school student and eventually joins Karasuno’s junior high team after being inspired by Nekoma’s defeat of Shiratorizawa. As he grows older and stronger over time, he becomes known as “The Small Giant.”

Karasuno are represented by their white jersey with red trimmings and black shorts at official matches; however they also wear different uniforms for practice sessions (yellow jersey with red trimmings), intra-school tournaments (red t-shirt under white hoodie) or friendly matches against other teams (blue jersey).


There are a lot of special characters in the Haikyuu! web series, but the one that stands out most is Nekoma. This is a team full of interesting characters, who all have their own quirks and personalities. They have their own coach, Nekomata, who is a cat-like man who has a soft spot for cats. The team itself has some strong players as well though; they have Kageyama Kenma on their side now!


Fukurodani is a powerhouse school, with one of the strongest volleyball teams in the country. The school’s strength is largely due to its defence, as well as its coach Takashi Yamaguchi.

Takashi is known for his ability to read plays and predict where balls will go before they’re even hit. He also has an uncanny knack for knowing when players are going to make mistakes and take risks that might cost them points or even entire games.


Itachiyama is a high school in Tokyo, Japan. It is the home of the Itachiyama High School Volleyball Club, founded in 1965. The club has won the national tournament twice: in 1976 and again in 2003.


Shirohebi is a team from Fukuoka. They have started to get noticed in the first-year tournament, and they are currently ranked 1st in their prefecture. Their specialty is defence, and they are good at counter attacking as well. They’ve had trouble against Nekoma in the past couple of years (Nekoma has won three out of four times).

In terms of characters, I think that most people will be familiar with Yamaguchi Ken’ichi. He was once captain of Shiratorizawa Academy‘s volleyball club before transferring to Fukurodani High School after being defeated by Nekoma High School during Nationals Junior High School Final Four match.


Johzenji is a high school volleyball club from Tokyo. The team is made up of four players—Yuki, Kenji, Kei, and Shouyou—and their coach Ryuuji. Johzenji’s goal is to become champions of the national tournament in Tokyo.

haikyuu web series characters

Web series characters:

  • The main character, Hinata Shoyo, is a short and thin boy who is passionate about volleyball. He has a spontaneous personality, but he is also very hard working and .
  • Karasuno High School’s team members are the protagonists of this web series. They include their coach (who was once an outstanding player), their manager (who helps them with their daily lives), and the setter known as “The King” who stands behind them on court; they are all very close friends off court as well! Each member has unique characteristics that make him more interesting than others—for example: Yamaguchi-san has great leadership skills while Tsukishima-san always makes people laugh together with his jokes.”


In this article, we discussed some of the most important characters in haikyuu web series. We looked at their background, personality traits and how they affect the story line. We also touched on some of their special abilities that make them stand out among the others.

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