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StreamlineMD Software and Its Features!

In this article, we will explore the features of StreamlineMD software and how it can benefit your coding career. Learn about its cloud-based EHR, integration with Lytec, and commitment to patient privacy. Then, find out how to get started by trying out a free trial.

StreamlineMD’s coding career

If you’re looking to start a coding career, there are some steps you can take to make the transition a smooth one. StreamlineMD is a division of PRC Medical, LLC. Its Senior Coding Advisor is Wendy Block, who is retiring on October 1, 2022.

StreamlineMD works with Lytec, the health information exchange software. The streamlined interface flows information between the two systems so that the workflow is seamless. The interface allows you to input charge information into one system and then export it to another. It also allows you to review and edit incoming charges, and it even generates claims when you manually enter charges. This interface is user-friendly and makes the workflow seamless.

StreamlineMD’s cloud-based EHR

StreamlineMD offers an integrated cloud-based EHR solution that caters to the needs of physicians working in office-based settings. The software includes critical functions such as a patient portal, vitals monitoring, clinical note templates, nurse notes, and practice management capabilities. It also comes with optional features such as marketing campaign management, prior authorization tracking, inventory management, and handheld mobile apps.

Cloud-based EHR software has great advantages for users in any industry or size, including data security and accessibility. For this reason, medical practices must embrace cloud-based technology to reap its benefits. To make the most of the benefits, medical practices must make the shift from on-premise EHR systems to cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-based EHR software is available in several versions and is designed for individual practice needs. A cloud-based EHR software solution offers the same features as an on-premise system but is hosted on a remote server, which eliminates the need for an IT department.

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StreamlineMD’s integration with Lytec

The integration between StreamlineMD and Lytec allows medical practices to seamlessly move charge information between the two systems. Charge information includes the diagnosis code, date of service, and attending provider. Users of both systems can review the incoming charges and make necessary edits. They can also manually enter charges. This seamless integration makes workflow seamless.

Lytec is a flexible billing software that offers a customizable billing screen. It helps physicians process patient and insurance billing and facilitates electronic claims. It also supports automatic payment posting. Its note-centric design means that billers can enter charges without switching between multiple screens. In addition, it automatically updates patient charts when a patient is billed.

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