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Synthesis of 100% standard 2-day frame farming methods

Currently, many forms of playing lotteries are born to help players easily predict children with high probability. Among them, the 2-day frame farming method is the most commonly used.

The following article of the Kubet bookie will help you better understand how to play this game and summarize the methods of raising a 2-day frame lot right away.

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What is the concept of 2-day frame farming?

Raising a 2-day frame is a lottery method where players must choose a beautiful lot or set of numbers and submit it for two days. Many players apply this method because it can optimize costs and bring the highest profit. This method is a relatively simple method of playing and very easy to implement.

In the case of raising the lot for two days, whether winning or losing the bet, the player should also stop and change another set of numbers to continue farming.

Players must calculate and choose the best numbers to bet to bring the best results. When selecting a 2-day frame farming method, players can apply the following methods: 2-day Bach Thu Lot, 2-day 2-day dual-lot farming, or 2-day Pair Farming.

Tools to perform 2-day binoculars

To make it easier for players to apply effective lottery method, here are some tools to help you perform the most straightforward and fastest 2-day lottery:

  • Scoring: Players will perform number matching and check on the results table for this tool. If you find the numbers with the highest return rate in the next two days, choose them. To maximize the effectiveness of this tool, players need to have calculations and analysis to select the “golden numbers.”
  • Silver memory: This is a tool where players will rely on observing the results according to the dumb head and dumb tail, then choose the lucky numbers to raise in 2 days.

Raising a batch of frames for two days is a high standard and can be done immediately.

Here is a summary of the standard 2-day frame farming methods you can refer to and apply!

Method of farming batches during the week

When using the method of raising lots during the week to choose the number to hit on Monday, players will consider and rely on the results on Sunday. You will take the first number of prizes 5.6 and match the first number of tips 6.1 to reduce the bet. Next, you should check the bridge by relying on the 2nd and 3rd numbers of 3.3 to play.

On the third day, you take the sum of the two numbers of the 7.3 prize on the 2nd day to bet money. Example: 2nd day, 7.3 is 67, the total is 6+7=13, then you will go down to play the number 13. Then, match the bridge with the 2nd number in 4.3 and 4.4.

On the fourth day, the player will calculate all the prizes of the 3rd day and the total. That number is the pair of numbers that you will do 2-day frame farming.

On the fifth day, match the 2nd and 4th numbers of the 3.5th day of the 4th day to feed the 2-day frame.

On the sixth day, you will match the 4th number of the Thursday special prize with the 5th number of 3.2 and perform lot farming.

On the 7th day, we will raise pairs numbers in the sum of the 5.5th prize 6th day.

Sunday: The pair of lots players need to find will be matched by the 1st and 3rd numbers of prize 3.6.

Lottery method at 1:2. ratio

The method of raising lots in the ratio 1: 2 is understood as the player will use the sum or difference of a series of consecutive numbers to play. When applying this, the player will not have to spend too much capital, but the winning amount is not much. This method is relatively safe and not chosen by many people.

Example: player raises a pair of lots 343 at a ratio of 1: 2 on the first day to pay 10 points. If the lot returns to 43, the player will receive an amount of 360,000 VND. If not, the player plays the next day at the same rate. The lot will return, and you will receive 280,000 VND.

If both days do not return, the player will lose the amount of 1,320,000 VND.

Method of raising plots in the ratio 1:3

Players must find a pair of Kubet numbers with a high probability of returning to use this method effectively. Because if the bet is correct, the amount of money the player receives is not small, which means the amount of investment capital will also be more.

Example: a player raises a pair of lots of 569 at a ratio of 1: 3 the first day to pay 10 points. If the lot returns to 69, you will receive 360,000 VND. On the 2nd day, if you hit 30 points and return, your profit will be 640,000 VND.

If both days do not return to this lot frame, the player will lose 80 points, equivalent to 1,760,000 VND.

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The method of playing the minimum profit lotteries

The highlight of the minimum profit method is that it is guaranteed to make a profit when players apply it. However, it will still depend on how much the player invests in the initial source to calculate interest.

About two days is a safe time; if you win, you will receive a 1.5x multiplier. This method is relatively secure and straightforward, so it is suitable for new players.

Method of raising two days frame plot according to the special prize

As a special bonus, many players appreciate a way of forming a 2-day frame lot.

Players will need to keep track of the first prize results and the special prize of the lottery result, then the combination of two series of numbers is cumulative by adding two adjacent numbers together. Keep doing this until you get a two-digit result. Ku casino dozens and single rows against each other to fight in two days.

The chances of winning will be very high when players apply this way of playing. This method is also a simple and easy-to-implement 2-day batch farming method that anyone can try.

Some notes to remember when raising a 2-day frame plot

The way to play the lotto by farming a 2-day frame lot brings excellent results to many players. When performing the search, choosing a good number to hit is simple and accessible based on the previous day’s results. Depending on the method applied, players will have different prizes to choose a pair of gold numbers and raise a frame lot.

However, when choosing this method, players need to keep a stable mentality, practice, and steadfast will to receive the victories that the 2-day frame farming method brings.

In the case of winning, you should not be too excited, but investing too much money to go all out will quickly bring the risk of losing everything. On the contrary, if you lose, you also need to be calm to calculate and choose a nice pair of numbers to increase your chances of winning.

Only then will players be able to decide wisely in all cases and increase their chances of winning when applying 2-day frame farming.

Above is detailed information on raising two-day frame plots with high efficiency. Hopefully, through that help, players can research and calculate correctly to choose the lucky Kubet numbers down to the money to get the biggest bonus! Good luck.

What Is a Backpack? The Most Accurate Way of Batting By Domain

The backpack is a way of playing the lottery, giving players many chances to win. This method is also a method that many players apply and get special rewards. However, for many people, the concept of a backpack will be confusing. Let’s find out in detail through the article below of the bookie KU CASINO about what a pack is and the most accurate ways to hit the bag.

Kubet’s lottery

What is a backpack?

What is a backpack? The bag is a way of playing the game that the player will choose to play the last two numbers of all prizes. Lottery players originated from the Central region and became popular in all three areas. Accordingly, when players choose a bag, there will be 27 prizes in the North, and the number of awards in the Central and South will be 18.

According to each different domain, the bag is into:

  • Number of bags in the North: the way the pack in the North will be called Bach Thu Lo by many players. Simply put, you will find the best pairs of numbers with the highest probability of winning through the method.
  • Southern + Central backpack: Players will play the last two numbers of the prizes. When the results are, those two numbers that match the last number of the 18 awards will win the prize.

Share the most accurate domain-based backpacking method

The way of lottery numbers in different regions will be other. In addition to understanding what the concept of a backpack is, players should also understand the most accurate ways to play backpack by domain, specifically as follows:

How to play backpacks in the North

For the Northern way of playing backpack, players can choose from the following popular ways of playing:

  • Lot number 2: The player will predict and bet the two numbers with the highest jackpot probability or the first prize. The number 2 Northern lottery has the odds for the player to be 65 or 70.
  • Lot number 3: Players will predict and bet the last three numbers with the highest probability of winning the jackpot or the first prize. Playing the Northern lottery number 3 has the odds for the player to be 400 times.
  • Lot number 4: Players will predict and bet the last four numbers with the highest probability of winning the jackpot or first prize. This model is a rather tricky way to play the lottery and has the highest odds of up to 1000 times.

In addition to the three popular ways to play the northern lotteries mentioned above, players can also play skewers and play lotteries on Ku casino the same day, with many different rewards up to 100 times.

How to play backpacks in the Central region

Similar to the Northern and Central regions, there are also three popular ways to play backpacking such as:

  • Double-playing lottery: Players must correctly predict the last two numbers of the jackpot prize when choosing this method. The odds are 3.3 times.
  • Three-player lottery: the player also predicts the last two numbers, but the results will, according to the station’s 17 prizes, the odds are 35.3 times.
  • How to play the winning lottery: Players will predict the first two numbers or the last two numbers of the jackpot with the highest probability of returning on the day. The odds are 0.8: 75.

How to gamble in the South

The way to play Kubet backpacking in the South also has many similarities with the North and Central regions. But the odds and the way to play will have a different point. Specifically, the South will have the following methods to play lottery numbers:

  • Bundle of 2 numbers: players will correctly predict the last two numbers in 3 or 4 prizes of the lottery results, the bet level when winning is 40 times.
  • Bundle of 2 numbers 18 prizes: players will correctly predict the last two numbers in all 18 jewels. The bet level when staying is 4.5 times.
  • Backpack of the first three numbers: Players must correctly predict the first three numbers of the special prize. The winning bet is 500 times. The winning bet is 70x for the seven-lot type and 30x for the 17-lot type.
  • 4-digit lot: players need to predict four numbers correctly. The bet is 720 times for the 4-lot type and 180 times for the 16-lot type.

When winning a bet, how is the amount calculated?

What is a backpack? When winning a bet, how is the bag amount calculated? Depending on the region and how to play the lottery players choose, there will be different ways to estimate winnings. As follows:

  • Northern bag: Players must pay 1 point = 23,000 VND. Some bookies will have a lower price of about 22,000 VND or 21,800 VND. Winning the bet, the player will eat 80,000 / point.
  • Central backpack: players will need to pay 1 point, which is 14,400 VND to 15,000 VND. Winning the bet, the player will eat 75,000/matter.
  • Southern backpack: players will need to pay 1 point, which is VND 16,000. Winning the bet, the player will eat 75,000 / point or 80,000 VND / point.

In addition, the online bookies will also have their own rules on the amount of the backpack bet. At the KUBET bookie, players hit 27 points to get 99 points. Besides, there is a way to play 1 to 99 points.

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The easiest backpacking experience to hit

What is a backpack? Through the above division, Kubet can see that how to play bag is very simple. To help players win the most, here are some backpacking experiences that many players pass on:

Players should follow the pairs of numbers returned in the previous days to be able to analyze and calculate the most likely couples of lots.

Using the way of looking at the lottery, when Ku casino see four similar numbers arranged in a rhombus and the center, there is a pair of numbers, then catch and hit that number. The odds of that pair of numbers will be tremendous and bring a chance to win prizes for players.

Players should pay attention and observe the pairs of numbers that have not been for a long time. Find and look at those numbers and catch them. The possibility of you winning is not slight.

What are some frequently asked questions when playing backpack?

There will undoubtedly be questions for many people new to learning a backpack. Here are some frequently asked questions from most players that you can refer to:

What is a master backpack?

The owner of the lottery bag is a way of playing 3-pin lotteries. This method is the common name of many Southern lottery players. Applying this way of playing, you must correctly predict the last three numbers in the jackpot or 7th prize of the Southern lottery results. Meanwhile, in the Northern Lottery, only the final three numbers of the special award are counted.

What is a lovely bag?

The pairs of numbers and teams of lots have many good meanings, such as fortune and fortune. Players can use that to choose a beautiful couple of lots for themselves.

Is there a way to pack the winning numbers all year round?

Players must use many methods, knowledge, and experience to win year-round prizes to choose a beautiful set of numbers. Depending on your financial level, you can select popular sets of numbers such as 20 numbers, 36 numbers, 56 numbers, etc. Then apply a 3-day, 5-day frame and wait for the winning result to win big.

Thus, the above article has answered what a backpack is and how to hit it accurately. Kubet hope the information shared helps you better understand this margin and related information. Each domain’s bag will have different rates and ways of playing, so you must carefully refer to how to play and the reward level to have the best chance of winning!


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