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<strong>Everything You Should Know About Australian Merino Wool</strong>

Everything You Should Know About Australian Merino Wool

With more than two hundred years of history, Australian Merino wool is one of the world's finest, softest, lightest, and naturally made wool. Its natural properties are so unique that no other fibre, cotton or polyester, can stand anywhere near it. People in Australia and across the globe love this quirky fibre for its quality and versatility. Australian Merino wool is most used in luxury clothing and next-to-skin apparel such as scarves, shawls, blankets, throws, and more. Top reasons why Australian Merino Wool is popular: It is Purely Natural Merino is a 100% natural wool fibre derived from Merino sheep. Australian wool growers are known for producing this wool around the year using sustainable farming practices unlike anywhere else in the world. The Merino sheep consumes na...