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<strong>Powers Points that Make Cat6 Plenum Cable the Best in Business</strong>

Powers Points that Make Cat6 Plenum Cable the Best in Business

Cat6 plenum-rated cables are one the most popular and widely used cable all around the world. Many people use this cable for safety reasons since its outer jacket is fire retardant. Not only that but it is packed with high-speed internet connections and other useful features.  In this article, we’ll have a deeper understanding of how this cable works and what makes it the best in the business. So, let’s get started.  Cat6 Plenum Cable’s Overview Cat6 cables are the 6th generation cables with a twisted pair internal structure. It has eight copper wires twisted together in four pairs. This cable is backward compatible which makes it easier to use it with older categories like cat5e and cat5. Cat6 1000ft is ideal for all purposes including domestic, commercial, and big data cen...