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<strong>Why choose a modern Ziegler Persian rug?</strong>

Why choose a modern Ziegler Persian rug?

Ziegler is not a type of carpet, but comes from a brand present a long time ago and having left its mark in the coloring process during its installation in the East. The dyes used are made from plants and minerals. This technique still exists today and is used for coloring modern ziegler rugs online. These rugs are renowned for their finesse and colorful beauty.A modern Ziegler rug is made primarily of wool and cotton. Entirely made by hand, Persian rugs are oriented in a precise direction in which the velvet expresses itself. The dose of incoming light is very important, as it can bring out different hues. Ziegler rugs do not have a natural orientation, it is up to you to place it as you wish, according to your tastes and your decorative desires. The modern patterns are easily...