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<strong><em>Why Western Australia’s coast competitors the Bermuda Triangle</em></strong>

Why Western Australia’s coast competitors the Bermuda Triangle

Journey As a minimum 1,six hundred shipwrecks—and endless stories of pirates and plunder—lie offshore, underneath Indian Ocean waters. Now maritime explorers are diving down to reveal their secrets. Western Australia’s 8,000-mile-long shoreline is littered via as a minimum 1,600 sunken vessels—more than every other Australian country—and those wrecks now lure vacationers, thrill divers, and fascinate scientists. Nearly four times the size of Texas—yet with simplest 2.6 million human beings— Western Australia (WA) receives few travelers compared to Australia’s more developed eastern seaboard, home to Sydney and Melbourne. The state’s capital, Perth, is 1,300 miles from the nearest metropolis, Adelaide. However people who journey to WA find that some of its most...