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<strong>What Is the Difference Between Direct Shipment and Transshipment?</strong>

What Is the Difference Between Direct Shipment and Transshipment?

What is the difference between direct shipment and transshipment? When a consignee receives goods they may have the option to choose between direct shipment and transshipment. Direct shipment means that the goods will be shipped directly from the supplier to the consignee without stopping at any intermediate point. Transshipment, on the other hand, involves shipping the goods to an intermediate point before they are finally delivered to the consignee. There are several factors that can influence the decision of whether to choose direct shipment or transshipment. If time is not a critical factor transshipment may be a more cost-effective option since it often involves shipping via a lower-cost carrier. On the other hand, if time is of the essence, direct shipment may be neces...