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Collaboration Between COMME des GARCONS and PORTER Creates Special Holiday Bag Collection
This Christmas season, COMME des and PORTER are in their (collaborative) bag, creating an eight-bag capsule as part of CdG’s yearly holiday celebrations. The “Holidays with PORTER” series features four distinct bag styles, each made of PORTER’s ultra-durable nylon and comes in a festive red or subdued black presentation. cdg merch

The collection’s outstanding model for the more daring customer is a drawstring bag with an extended cinch fastening, There are also Boston bags, which have a more traditional satchel appearance, vertically inclining “newspaper bags,” and a flat, rectangular tote bag on the plain front. Metal hardware and minimal branding are used in all designs. The first time an outside firm has done a pop-up at a COMME des GARCONS store in Japan, this collection will debut at five separate locations, and it will be accompanied by drops of Porter’s well-known Tanker and Senses bags. A complete list of shops may be found below. Three other COMME des GARCONS stores will only release the four bag types without the Tanker and Senses drop. The drawstring bag costs 33,000 JPY (about $238 USD), while the flat tote costs 26,400 JPY (about $190 USD). The pop-up shops will be open from December 1 to December 28. Information on an online release is not yet available.

Holidays in Full Swing with PORTER Pop-Up Locations MEDE des GARCONS Comme des Garçons Aoyama COMME des GARONS Marunouchi COMME des GARCONS Osaka KOKUME des GARCONS Fukuoka

Limited Locations Only Bags

Market Museum MEDE des GARCONS Trading

Museum Gyre MEDE des GARCONS Midtown Tokyo Lachic MEDE des GARONS

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Chrissy O, the founder, and matriarch of the company talks to me about a Comme des Garçons collar she recently purchased while visiting Melbourne and the Nick Cave concert she attended as Bill Callahan plays in the background.

But clothing catches me off guard. My source describes it as a “contemporary, Dries Van Noten, ’60s-inspired, beaded, textured, cocktail dress.” I give in to the persuasive zeal of Hall and O, the pioneers of Wellington’s top designer consignment shop.

Hunters & Collectors, a store on Cuba Street, is commemorating its 35th year in operation. O’s work with her husband in Auckland as a part-time employee quickly turned into ownership of boutiques in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. Along with collectibles, leather jackets, and furniture from the Art Deco period

left the partnership and set up shop

on her own in Wellington. Her dedication to progress, love of learning, and desire for originality have not changed throughout the years.

O and Hall are obvious because one has pink hair and the other has flame-colored hair. Here, the seasoned fashion experts discuss the story of Hunters & Collectors, the complexities of personal style, and remaining loyal to themselves throughout it all.

Chrissy O: I recall that when we first started selling leather jackets, it was because we wanted to wear them. The night before, someone broke the window and took the first jacket that was on display. I guess there was obviously a market for them.

Funny thing is, the store has always served a diverse range of customers. cdg hoodie

I adore undiscovered, one-of-a-kind items. I value extremely high quality, and I like finding rare items. The shop’s guiding principle is to look for hidden gems or high-end goods that you may not be able to afford new but that you would genuinely love to own, wear, or live with.

Hall: Style is something you don’t even notice, in my opinion. I started throwing fits when I was three years old because I had to meticulously match my clothes. I had to wear green shoes, green stockings, and a green turtleneck because everything had to be the same color, and I mean everything. I would be content having only one item on layaway because my mother didn’t have a lot of money. I enjoyed the rush. playboy shop

O: It’s a way of life, not a job. We have made an effort to create an intriguing environment because we enjoy it. We only live in water, that’s all. That has some force. It just so happens that we have a devoted community that supports the air that we breathe, and it has a strong sense of identity.

Hall: Most people who work in retail do so to supplement their education or because they are interested in fashion and want to pursue fashion design. It can be a very transactional or temporary job. Though I majored in art history in college, I’ve learned more about history, art, and textiles since starting this profession. Since I wouldn’t trade my retail degree for anything in the world, I prefer to refer to it as such.

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