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The Most Powerful Weapons in Black Ops Origins

There are several weapons that are more powerful than others. Here are some of the
most powerful weapons in Black Ops Origions. These weapons can be used to
dominate your enemies. They are effective in many situations. You can also use
these weapons in team battles.


The L-CAR 9 is a fully-automatic machine pistol, chambered in a fictional
5.58x33mm round. The weapon is based on the Carl Gustav M3 rifle, but it is
American in origin. Players can equip it with a P90-like foregrip.
The L-CAR has a relatively short damage falloff, with the damage per shot dropping
to fifteen at thirty meters. However, it is capable of rapid fire, which makes it an
excellent backup weapon. The weapon’s sideplate says “001-427” to identify it as a
backup weapon.
The Beretta 682 was added to Dead Island on August 15, 2017. This weapon is
named after the Rottweil Skeet Olympia 72. It can be obtained by killing 20 zombies
in a specific area. Once acquired, Samantha will give you information about how to
use it.

ice staff code

The ice staff code is a powerful weapon in Black Ops Origins that is very useful for
absorbing zombie souls. It can be upgraded by killing 20 zombies, and Samantha will
notify you when you have fully powered up your weapon. You can also use it to
break gravestones and solve riddles. However, this weapon will not slow zombies for
In Black Ops Origins, you can obtain the Ice Staff from a stash located in the
Exploration Site or Excavation Site. You can find a blue disc near a generator,
usually near Generator 2. You can also find it in a box shelf next to the front table.

Rift E9

The Rift E9 is one of the strongest weapons in Black Ops Origins, and is one of the
best ways to kill the enemies on the map. It fires an energy projectile instead of
hitscans, and has an unlimited range. It also doesn’t detonate C4, so it’s useful in
underwater battles, too. Players who kill enemies with the Rift E9 receive the “Depth
Charge” medal. It also resembles the Banshii shotgun and has the ability to destroy
Motherships, Wraiths, and Care Package Deploy Ships.
Another very powerful weapon in Black Ops Origins is the Rift E9. This pistol version
of the Banshii can fire two shots at once, and can be upgraded through Pack-aPunch, but its damage is limited when using it against CUAVs and UAVs. It has one of
the lowest damage per second of any gun in Black Ops Origins, so be careful while
using it.


The VMP is a submachine gun that is based on the Beretta Mx4 Storm. Its powerful
fire rate and high magazine capacity make it a popular choice among players online.
The VMP is also a reliable weapon for close-quarters gunfights and medium-range
The VMP can be found on the right side of the Generator 3 and on the bottom of the
Crypt map. It can also be obtained from Mystery Boxes in the Zombies Chronicles
maps. In Black Ops 4, the VMP was added to the game with the Operation Dark
Divide update. It can be obtained for 950 points in the Mystery Box in all maps, and
it can be upgraded with the Pack-a-Punch Machine.
The VMP is the most powerful weapon in Black Ops Origins, making it one of the
most powerful weapons in the game. The VMP is similar to the Mk48 of Black Ops II,
but with some modifications. It’s a single-shot weapon that has a high rate of fire
and is very effective in close quarters. It also fires grenade rounds and is chambered
in 5.58x33mm.


The Vesper is one of the most powerful weapons you can get in Black Ops Origins. It
is a powerful assault rifle that has a variety of powerful attachments. Using this
weapon can be extremely beneficial when you need to clear large areas quickly.
There are five places you can find it.
When used correctly, Vesper is a powerful one-shot weapon, killing up to 10 zombies
at once. This weapon also has a charge option so that you can use it in an
emergency situation. The longer you charge the weapon, the more powerful it is. It
can also be charged to shoot a large lightning storm that kills zombies in a wider
area than its visual radius.

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