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The potential of Amazon’s discount codes and coupons is underutilised.

Have sales for your Amazon business slowed recently, Voucher discounts could be the catalyst for your business’s growth and success.
Merchants can use the features of Seller Central to manage their numerous sales events. Discount codes and Amazon coupons are two powerful but often disregarded choices. Customers benefit from both, and if used together, they can increase your site’s sales ranking.

Possibly you have some familiarity with the workings of such sales events. However, there are significant benefits to using them that you may be overlooking. In this article, we will explore the world of Amazon discounts codes in detail.

Exactly what are these mysterious “Amazon Coupons,” then?

Promo codes for online purchases are a relatively new marketing strategy for sellers. With them, you can offer discounts to buyers in the form of a flat rate or a percentage of their total. Once everything is set up, a button for the price reduction will appear directly beneath the item’s price. The redemption process for a customer’s coupon is as simple as clicking a button.
Discount codes found only on individual product pages cannot be combined with Amazon promo codes. Given that the coupons are “discoverable” on the platform, they may attract more buyers to your product listing.

When it comes to promoting the discounts offered by its vendors, Amazon displays coupons in:

  • Find exactly what you need on
  • The section of a product page where prices are displayed
  • The contents of a shopper’s basket

As you can see, you’ve made it to Amazon’s discount page! (

Coupons are appealing because you can offer discounts on specific items without worrying about going over your budget. For example, if you set the maximum value of a coupon you can use on Amazon to $100, once that amount has been spent the company will no longer promote your discounts.

How to Create Your Own Discount Coupons for

To create your first coupon offer, log into your Seller Central account and then go to Advertising > Coupons. Here you will find a comprehensive explanation of coupons and detailed guidelines for making your own. To get started making coupons, just click Make Your First Coupon.

Coupons for Amazon discounts can be created by doing the following:

Item(s) to Include: The first step is to add the ASINs or SKUs of the products you wish to receive the coupon discounts for.

One can choose a bargain from the following choices: Choose the form of discount you’d like to apply (percentage or dollar amount) and fill out the fields below. Once that’s done, you’ll be given the option of putting an expiration date on your coupon.
Just do it, and don’t procrastinate. Set a spending limit for your discount code. You should know that there is a $0.60 charge for every coupon that is used. So, the total cost to your budget per redemption would be $30.60 if you offered a coupon good for 30% off a $100 item. Make sure you don’t run into any problems down the road by always setting aside money to cover the fee.
Schedule and goals: Before deciding who you want to send your coupon to, come up with a clever name for it. After that, select the beginning and ending dates for the coupon (coupons can be active from 1 to 90 days). When you are ready to submit your coupon, review the information one last time before clicking the Continue button.
After a coupon has been submitted, its status can be tracked in Seller Central under the Running tab. We recommend doing this if you’re just starting out with coupons. A coupon’s price is likely too high if you spend all of your money in less than a day. As luck would have it, Amazon lets you adjust promotions so they work better for your business.

Discount Code Available for a Limited Time Only

Discounts offered by Amazon in the form of a percentage off. As the name suggests, a one-time promo code can only be used once. However, a customer is free to make as many purchases as they like. Amazon will automatically apply the discount to all three of your products if a customer places an order for them, checks out, and pays for them at the same time. Despite their declining popularity, Amazon sellers can still benefit from using one-time codes when offering deep discounts (50 percent or more) on products that they don’t want widely publicised.

Discount Voucher for Several Purchases

Group claim promotional codes are identical to single-use ones except that they can be applied to multiple purchases. You can use these instead of coming up with unique codes by hand for each individual. Simply copy and paste the group claim code into your email to promote a special offer to your contact list. Group claim codes are also unique in that they can be altered to suit the needs of the business, making it easy to come up with a memorable phrase like “NEWYEARSAVE20” that will resonate with the target audience.

Buy one, get one free advertisement.

Boost sales with Buy One Get One Free coupons by giving customers a break on their first purchase and a freebie with their second. Offering a free bonus is a great way to increase interest and sales when selling a high-priced item. For instance, if you were selling high-end sneakers, you could increase your sales by including a free cleaning kit with every purchase. It’s the best tactic for boosting customer happiness without reducing the cost of the core product or service.
Fifth: Social media promotional coupon
Of course, sharing social media codes on platforms like Instagram and Facebook is the whole point of using them in the first place. They work differently than flat-rate Amazon discount codes and allow you to cap a customer’s purchase at a certain quantity. You can promote your products by enlisting the help of pre-screened, verified Amazon influencers by providing them with unique promotion codes that can be distributed to their followers.


Customers can receive discounts without having to remember and enter a promotional code when you use the No Code promo. As unlikely as it may seem, there are times when this would prove useful. If you’re running a Cyber Monday sale where, for instance, customers can save 30% on their order if they buy three of your products, you can save your customers time and effort by offering a “No Code” option at checkout.

How to Create Your Own Amazon Promo Codes

Follow these steps to create a promotional code:
1 Go to Menu > Advertise > Specials > Make a new Ad in Seller’s Control Panel.
After selecting the coupon you want to use, just follow the on-screen instructions.
Change the way you’re thinking about it:

  • Type 1 to specify a minimum order quantity for a promotion or other incentive.
  • Enter the discount percentage here.

You Can Now Submit Using Purchased Items.

Determine when you’ll begin your advertising campaign:
Dates should be selected at least three days in the future (promotional times are set to US Pacific by default).

  • You get to decide when the campaign will end.
  • To give the campaign a name, enter it here in the Internal Description field (Include the product name & discount percentage for easy tracking)
  • The current identifier should be kept. Various Other Options:
  • Select the correct Claim Code from the drop-down menu and click the Review button.
  • Once you’re satisfied with everything, click the “Submit” button.
  • Once the promotion has been created, claim codes can be managed in this manner under the “Manage” tab.
  • We Need a Name for Your Team (you can use the same name as you used for the Internal Description)
  • Type in the required code generation quantity.
  • Start the ball rolling by clicking the Create button.
  • When the download is complete and the status bar reads Ready instead of In Progress, select the file and click Download.
  • Put the data in your coupon database.
  • Coupon codes open up a lot of doors.
  • Amazon discount codes are very similar to Amazon coupons in that they provide numerous savings.
  • Among their many potential uses is increasing your email list’s subscriber count.

Instead of just giving customers a discount code that takes them to Amazon.

It is more effective to send them to a landing page where they can enter their email address to receive the discount. As your mailing list grows, you’ll have more opportunities to upsell related products and cross-sell complementary ones to your subscribers.

Promo codes like the Group Claim code can accelerate the sale of surplus goods. If you’re running out of space to store your items or you’re about to end your listing, for example, you can encourage quick sales by offering a Group Promo code that can be used multiple times by each individual customer. Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and the Thanksgiving holiday are prime examples of times when group discount codes are your best bet for maximising sales.

You can increase your conversion rate by using Amazon promo codes and coupons. To help you increase sales, streamline operations, and maximise profits in order to claim the Amazon Buy Box, we have on hand Amazon seller consultants who have personally generated over $2 billion in sales for Amazon.

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