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Things to Know About Natural Hair Colouring

Choosing the best organic hair colour has always been challenging. Everyone prefers having fun, quirky hair, but the majority of us always err on the side of caution, especially since not everyone has the financial means to experiment with new chemicals that might harm their hair. In a market where competition is fierce, finding natural hair colour can be challenging.HomeAbout UsContact UsPrivacy PolicyWrite For US

When looking for the perfect semi permanent hair colour, look for a product that will not harm your hair. Try Indus Valley’s Natural Hair Color, which is a gel-based formulation that is truly organically natural. Doctors have tested and highly recommended it as a natural way to look young and youthful without the risk of damaging the hair. This damage-free hair colour is highly recommended because it combines the benefits of 9 natural herbs, which work together to bring out the natural shine in your hair, remove potential bacteria from the scalp and hair, and provide the moisture and nourishment they require.

Why should you go natural with your hair colours?

Natural hair dyes will never contain such dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. During the colouring process, ammonia is used to open up the upper layer of the hair so that the colour can be deposited on the cortex of the hair, which inevitably weakens the hair. PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) hair colours, on the other hand, work on the hair texture as a permanent hair dye to make the colour last longer. PPD, on the other hand, can cause severe skin allergies and is a sensitising agent, resulting in severe itching, dryness, and, in extreme cases, disfigurement.

Pro Tip: PPD Free Hair Colour, I recommend Indus Valley’s Natural Hair Color, which is unquestionably the best organic hair colour on the market right now.

The organically natural hair colour covers 100% of grey hair, and the gel-like consistency makes application easier. The absence of PPD, other chemicals, and heavy metals makes it suitable for all skin types. This damage-free organic hair colour has recently caught up with the rest of the world because it has consistently remained a favourite of those who prefer to live naturally and with as little harm to their bodies and skins as possible.

How can natural colouring help your hair?

Finding the best organic hair colour is a real challenge. Today’s consumers do not buy hair colouring products solely for the purpose of maintaining long, luscious black hair. In fact, most discerning users define good-looking hair as shining soft hair, healthy hair, and damage-free hair. Today, the use of natural hair colours is not limited to girls who want to experiment with their hair, making it red, brown, or blonde, but even men have become interested in the experience of naturally organic hair colours. Because of this, they can experiment with different hair colours without spending money on expensive shampoos, conditioners, and smoothing treatments.

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