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Tips for taking care of gaming laptop battery

A great gaming setup and accessories are important, like a gaming chair with lights and speakers and a PC or Laptop, but if one of those things is not to have good quality, then all your gaming enjoyment is lost. It’s important to take good care of your laptop’s battery if you want it to last as long as possible. However, even though battery technology has evolved to the point that it surpasses “best practices” from a few years back, there are still a number of ways you can make sure your laptop battery lasts as long as possible (or as short) despite upgrading.

From how long you should keep your laptop plugged into the lowest level at which the battery should be charged, we’ve rounded up the best tips on how to care for your laptop’s battery so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Here are some of the best ways you can extend the battery life of your laptop if you want to extend its life.

Activate the Power Saver profile

There is an option in the Power and Sleep Settings menu on Windows laptops to change the power profile, which can be done by selecting the Power Profile tab. The Battery Saver mode allows you to optimize your laptop to focus on efficiency over performance in order to maximize power efficiency. You can extend the life of your battery in a substantial way by doing that. 

Dim the screen’s brightness

Your laptop’s battery life will be drained quickly by a bright, high-resolution screen. The resolution cannot be changed once you’ve bought it, but the brightness can be lowered to make it use less power. As a result, the laptop will be a little duller to look at, so it’s not the best choice for watching movies or playing games and can be hard to see the screen in bright environments (especially outdoors), so use it at your own risk.

Turn off the keyboard backlight

Typing in the dark is made easier by keyboard backlighting, but it also consumes power, consuming more battery life. You may want to consider turning off the backlighting if battery life is important to you and you do not want to waste energy on it.

Don’t use any external devices

Every external device draws power from your laptop, whether it’s exclusively powered by it or uses it to recharge its own batteries. The USB ports on your laptop can be used to plug in devices like your phone, external hard drive, or external display, which will drain the battery life of your laptop. You can extend your laptop’s battery life by unplugging your chargers if you aren’t using them or you can recharge them elsewhere.

Let’s keep it cool

Do your best to prevent your laptop from becoming too hot because batteries operate more effectively and last longer when kept at normal temperature or even a little lower. In order to prevent excessive heat buildup, you should avoid using the laptop in overly warm or direct sunlight and, ideally, make sure it has enough airflow to adequately cool down its components.

Hibernate or turn off while not in use

If you aren’t using your laptop, shut it down or set it to go into hibernation after a short while. Even while left idle, the battery will be used; just because the screen is off doesn’t mean the battery isn’t steadily discharging. When you’re finished using it, turn it off.

Obtain an operating system update

You must regularly update the software on your computer for optimum performance. A new update from the manufacturer not only contains updates and upgrades, but it can also make apps function more effectively, which will save battery life. The same operating system with a later patch could consume a lot less battery power, extending the life of your battery without doing anything extra. To maintain a healthy diet of updates for your system and its battery, examine your OS.


Is it bad to always have your laptop plugged in?

The same guidelines as before apply: If you have a contemporary laptop, it’s okay. Consider switching to a desktop computer if you find yourself constantly plugging in your laptop. These can provide greater power for a lower cost and are plainly intended to be always plugged in.

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