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Tips To Find Affordable Private Jets

When it comes to flying, there’s nothing better than a private jet. You get to fly by yourself or with an intimate group of guests of your choosing. You name the time, the date, and the place. You won’t need to arrive a few hours in advance while you stand in line or check in your bags. It’s a personalized experience that gives you a taste of luxury. You’ll enjoy comfortable seating in a spacious cabin. You can expect additional perks, such as top-shelf alcohol and classy snacks. It’s so relaxing that it could make flying one of your favorite pastimes. However, it is pricey. Take some helpful tips to make your private jet charter more affordable.

Choose a Flying Experience with Fewer Passengers at a Lower Price

If you think chartering an entire jet to yourself is out of reach, you can book a seat with a small number of passengers on a private charter. There will be a limited number of seating, such as thirty seats. While you won’t have a plane to yourself, you’ll enjoy an experience that is much more accommodating than a flight on a large commercial plane.

Try an Empty Leg Charter for Your Next Flight

When you’re planning your next Van Nuys private jet charter, consider taking an empty leg. A flight is considered an empty leg when a private jet has delivered passengers on a one-way flight with no one booked for the return flight. If you can manage to get a seat on the empty leg, you could pay a quarter of the regular price. You generally won’t find out about availability until the last minute. Be prepared to keep your schedule wide open at a time when you are hoping to catch some good luck on an empty leg.

Check Out Membership Plans

Many charter services offer membership plans for their valued customers. If you plan on traveling by private charter often, this could be the right choice for you. Depending on what company you choose, you might pay in the range of $200 to $3000 a month. The lower-range membership will get you a seat on a private charter for free. Bump up your membership to have a private jet all to yourself or to share with special guests at any time. It’s all about what you are willing to spend and how often you plan on air travel.

Become a Comparison Shopper

If you want to shave off some of the expenses involved in a private charter, look at all your alternatives. Consider the difference in price when you fly at a certain time of day. The day of the week could make a major dent in the final price for your flight. You can also inquire about what your options are for aircraft. One type of plane could cost less than another.

Take Advantage of Smaller Airports

If you take a private jet for your next trip, you can skip the major airports. Find out what regional airports are located near your destination. You’ll have the opportunity to explore off the beaten path. A small airport could be your best-kept secret.

Look at the Difference in Costs Between a Round Trip Ticket and One-Way

Round-trip flights are generally the most economical when you are flying commercial. You might be surprised at the savings if you choose to go one-way on a private charter. Be sure to inquire about what the cost would be to take a one-way ticket when you are coming back. You might choose different charter services for each flight as well to cut your expenses.

Flying on a private jet doesn’t have to be too hard on your wallet. Be savvy as you learn about different services, their membership offers, and peak travel times. Choosing to fly off-season or on a day of the week that is slower could give you a much more affordable flight. Consider splitting the cost of a flight with close friends or family. Don’t forget to keep all of your options open. The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to get a flight at an acceptable price.

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