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Who doesn’t crave a wonderful, decadent dessert, especially after dinner?

Aren’t our celebrations and anniversaries incomplete without interesting cakes and bakes?

Every celebration needs a freshly baked moist and fluffy creamy cake. So, celebrate your festivities with the bakery flavours that are insanely flavoursome and inviting all the time when your favourite bakes are around. From chocolate flavours, vanilla Madagascar, red velvet, and butterscotch, to fruit cakes, there is an array of bakery flavours to experiment with. As a fact, Americans might not have created some of the most popular desserts out there, but they’ve become known for putting their spin on several of our classics.

Flavours are one of the most important things that stay with us even after years of attending that special event or anniversary or wedding over the years. The nostalgia attached to such events is primarily brimming with the flavours that were tasted in these events and the people you met. Have you ever thought, why do you go back to the same old bakery store to buy that same cake or muffin of your choice?

It’s time to talk about some really popular bakery flavours doing the rounds worldwide during this time:

  • Cheesecake

Cheesecake is an incredibly popular dessert and has a unique taste. Cheesecake has a taste that is very similar to cream cheese, which is one of the main ingredients; but also has a sweet flavour with some tangy notes. The base of the cheesecake adds to the taste as well, depending on what it is made with. These velvety, thick desserts are brimming with taste when infused with Fab’s exemplary bakery flavours.

  • Butterscotch

Butterscotch is a type of soft-crack candy created by slowly heating butter and brown sugar together. Special ingredients like caramel drizzle, white chocolate, and butterscotch flavour from Fab make the perfectly inviting cake of all times.

  • Vanilla Madagascar

Reigning in the list of most loved bakery flavours is no doubt the vanilla Madagascar flavour from Fab. Most Indians prefer vanilla cake to celebrate their special occasions and is an easily found option.

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  • Pineapple

Among all the flavours, Pineapple flavour cakes stand out in a row with chocolate cakes. For vegetarians, the eggless pineapple cake is a special treat. The tang and the fragrant taste added with Fab’s Pineapple oil-soluble flavour lends that extra ting of freshness to your favourite dessert.

  • Brownies

Serve piping hot at room temperature, made from scratch or from a mix, brownies are quite possibly one of the most versatile desserts out there, provided you enjoy a significant dose of chocolate. The versatility of this dessert has garnered attention during the lockdown as well and was experimented into many different dishes, even with lesser resources and just a few drops of Fab’s innovative bakery flavours.

  • Strawberry

Who doesn’t love pink coloured cake? These days people are craving this delicious strawberry flavour cake which fits into their every celebratory moment.

  • Chocolate

This flavour has become an international default favourite of all. No matter what age group you belong to, chocolate cake is a part of every celebration or event. It’s possibly irresistible to decline a chocolate cake invite; when it is made with Fab’s Chocolate Flavour, that’s made from real cocoa extracts.

  • Blueberry

Just a small drizzle of the blueberry flavour to your bakes and cakes is a great idea to level up your bake game. Fill your moments with extra love with this decadent flavour that is great to improve the flavour of your fillings, cookies, desserts, ice creams, and much more.

  • Fudge

The only problem with fudge is that it is nearly impossible to eat just a square or two. Traditionalists can stick to milk or dark chocolate versions, while nut enthusiasts might incorporate walnuts or macadamias for a little extra crunch. If you wish to enjoy that crunch, but lack macadamias or walnuts, No worries! Fab’s Walnut flavours and Macadamia flavours are a perfect match to lend that real flavour tone to your favourite dessert.

  • Caramel

During the pandemic, the most-experimented and loved flavour has been the Caramel flavour from Fab. Baking enthusiasts have used this one in their cooking extensively as it offers a pleasant and delicious flavour.

  • Passion Fruit

The flavour of passion fruit can be found in a variety of bakery products, including cakes and pies. Passion fruit is a common tropical fruit that works well in buttercream or frosting.

  • Irish Cream

The Irish cream flavour from Fab has the essence of a well-known cream-based cocktail. It has a toffee-like flavour, a thick and nutty fragrance, and a caramel-nut flavour.

Flavourings enhance a baked good’s aroma and taste. These flavours not only help in masking unpleasant tastes of excipients and also improves the quality of their taste. Infuse the best bakery flavours from Fab flavours today!

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