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Top 3 WHMCS Templates To Design and Customize Your Web Hosting Business

As a hosting provider, you must build a website that speaks for your business. It should be attractive, fully operational, and fast enough to set an example for your potential customers.  For this to happen, the web hosting theme you choose plays a vital role. 

And when it comes to designing and customizing websites, WHMCS is worth your attention. The tools and features you get with WHMCS templates help you kick-start or manage your web hosting website in no time. 

In this blog, we will discuss 3 of the best web hosting themes that can help you boost your business effortlessly. But before we dig deeper into the best WHMCS templates, let us first know the benefits of using web hosting templates for building your website.

What Are the Advantages of Web Hosting Themes for Your Hosting Website?

When creating your web hosting website, keep the following characteristics in mind.
If your web hosting website lacks these features, the WHMCS templates discussed in the following section can assist you.

1. Appealing Design

Even you will not like a website with no colours, graphics, or typography.
You must select a web hosting theme that promises a neat, appealing, and well-organized appearance that will impress your visitors and potential customers.
Create a hosting website that perfectly represents your company’s style.

2. User Interface

Consider using a WHMCS template that provides the exceptional website performance that your company and visitors deserve.

3. Integration with WHMCS

The most important requirement for any website owner is a suitable management solution for customising and managing their website. WHMCS is also worth mentioning for website management. The web host manager complete solution, also known as WHMCS, simplifies the operation of your hosting company.

The WHMCS templates mentioned in this blog have flawless design and high quality.

4. Site Exploration

Make your website’s navigation as simple as possible for your visitors.
As a result, you must ensure that all of the services you provide are easy to access on both desktop and mobile devices.

Include pricing and business offerings on the first page so that potential buyers can quickly learn about and purchase them. But don’t forget about the user experience while enhancing the site’s navigability.

5. Simple Customization

Even in the case of websites, change is unavoidable.
You may feel the need to make minor to major changes to the appearance or functionality of your site at any time.
Choose a web hosting template that allows you to easily customise your website.

Best WHMCS Web Hosting Website Templates

1. HostX

HostX is a well-known, multi-purpose, and dynamic WHMCS template.
This web hosting theme design is so simple to use that even a fifth-grader can create the most fashionable websites.

The theme includes a plethora of tools and features. It is also a full package that includes the front end, client area, and order form template.

Noticeable Features:

  • Page Manager
  • Top Menu
  • SEO Manager
  • Dynamic testimonials
  • Live Timer on Offer
  • Live Chat

2. HostCluster

HostCluster is yet another popular web hosting template that includes WHMCS integration to give you complete control over your website.
It is one of the most adaptable WHMCS templates, with over 10 demos and multiple layout options, allowing it to handle almost any functionality, such as crypto hosting, domain registration, and so on.

Its pre-built sections allow you to create a website from the ground up. Isn’t that a more time-efficient option? It also includes a drag-and-drop visual composer, a front-end, and a back-end.

Noticeable Features:

  • One-Click Data Import
  • Multi-Device Compatible
  • Well-Organized & User-Friendly
  • Attractive Mega Menus
  • Excellent typography

3. ClientX 3

The ClientX WHMCS template allows you to change the colour and style of your web hosting website to suit your preferences. This web hosting theme includes a variety of elegant and engaging WHMCS layouts.

This theme is designed for beginners. It provides clear guidelines to help you use it in layman’s terms. This web hosting design is also compatible with over 200 WHMCS modules.

Regular updates are another important aspect of this WHMCS template, which allows for a great deal of customization for businesses.

Noticeable Features:

  • Eye-Catching Home Page
  • Social Signup
  • Multiple menu styles
  • RTL supported
  • Custom Orderform
  • Domain registration page


So, these are our top picks in the category of best web hosting themes. While there are many others, identifying the best is what makes the difference. We have selected WHMCS templates with exceptional features and tools to assist you in building, customizing, and controlling your free web hosting website.

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