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Top Free Uploading And Watching Sites

There are numerous free video-hosting apps and sites available, but one of the best is Dailymotion, which boasts a vast library of uploads. The site claims to have over 300 million users worldwide, but that number is small compared to its competitors. Moreover, its user base is far less cluttered than on many other video-hosting sites, making it a good place to stray from mainstream content and influencers.

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Top Free Uploading And Watching Sites

If you’re looking for a great free video-sharing website, you can’t go wrong with toppurity . You can watch videos online or watch them on a mobile device. Depending on the content you’re watching, you can customize your experience by setting your preferences in your settings.


Metacafe is a video sharing website that is geared toward short, entertaining videos. Content can be up to 90 seconds long and fewer than 100 MB in size, making them perfect for sharing product reviews. Metacafe is free to use, but it is monetized by advertisements. Content creators get paid $5 per thousand views.

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The Veoh website has a lot of content for streaming. It boasts over a million videos, as well as a massive selection of movies and television shows. The site lets you search for videos by genre or length, and you can even create playlists. You can also interact with other viewers.


If you’re looking for free funny videos, 9GAG is a great place to find them. The website started out as a simple forum where users could post their own funny images and videos. Over time, the website evolved into an extensive community. Now, not only do users post funny videos, but they also post things worth discussing. Many of the comments are just as funny as the posts themselves. 9GAG has also expanded its content to include more categories and sections.


IGTV is a free uploding and watching site that lets you upload and share videos. You can make a video about anything that’s related to your business or topic. Videos should be about ten minutes long or less, and contain the information your audience is looking for. It shouldn’t feel like fluff, so make sure it is packed with information.

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