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Trust Symbols You Can Use To Increase Conversions & Customer Confidence

What is the biggest obstacle to customers buying your goods? Baymard Institute found that 69.57 percent of online carts used to purchase items are abandoned. More than 50% of your customers cancel their coaches before buying!

Why is that?

It’s not just about the cost or shipping charges. Most of the time, customers leave because they need more trust in them.

Your website’s objective is to make customers feel confident enough to purchase from you. No one would want to flush their cash into the sewer, so before they click ” Purchase,” the customers should feel confident that they can trust your company.

If you don’t have trust symbols, You’ll miss out on numerous leads because you need to be sure you were the right option.

Customers should feel secure and confident regarding the products they purchase. To achieve this, you could utilize the trust symbol.

We’ll go over the most well-known trust icons and how you can utilize these to increase confidence in your customers:

Security Badge

If you operate an e-commerce website, your customers will need to supply sensitive data to complete an order, including their credit card details, address, and email.

They may not want to purchase from you if they are concerned that they could be hacked. What can you do to ease their concerns?

Your website requires the help of an SSL certificate (or a Security Sockets Layer). To view the security badge working, look at the URL at the top of this page. If you click it twice, you’ll see an ” https:/” label appear. This indicates that the website is SSL secured.

Then, click the padlock icon next to the URL. You will be able to determine whether the connection is secured. When you click on the text and the ” Certificate” tab, you can view specifics regarding the SSL certificate and when it expires.

Ensure your website is secured with the SSL certificate to ease security worries.


Today it’s challenging to find a site¬†that doesn’t have testimonials. They’re incredibly efficient in constructing¬†social evidence, and the concept is that when consumers buy online, they take advantage of reviews and suggestions from other customers before making a purchase. Reviews by customers can be a means to prove the statements made by the business itself.

If you have prominent clients, consider including those logos on your website. If a visitor notices and is familiar with their brand name, they’ll think, ” A well-known brand trusts this website. That means that I can, too.

We suggest using customer quotes as well as their feedback (with the customer’s consent, of course). It’s an excellent method to include storytelling in your marketing.


Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. These three words sound lovely to buyers who are looking for.

Sometimes, carts end up being abandoned because customers are still determining whether they’ll be satisfied with this product or if it’ll suit them. But what if you can promise it? Let’s talk.

You may offer a guarantee. If the client isn’t satisfied after completing the program/service, they are entitled to a refund. A few qualities of a reliable assurance are:

  • Unconditional
  • It is easy to get
  • Meaningful

Some businesses go an additional step, saying that if you’re unhappy and don’t like their service, they’ll reimburse you for testing the rival service instead.

Anyone reading that would consider, “If they’re that confident, I must give it a go!

You could also post the policy for refunds on your site. It is essential to make sure that your policies use clear, concise language. This makes it much easier for your customers to comprehend the terms they’re signing on for.


Who wouldn’t like to purchase from an award-winning company? Get any award certificates you’ve been awarded, and place them on your site’s front page.

Awards allow you to differentiate your company from others. If a potential customer decides between your business and the competition, an award may affect them to favor you.

Show that you’re a top industry firm by displaying your award-winning achievements!


Demonstrate that you’ve had the education and expertise to do the job you excel at. Certificates assure customers that your company is a safe choice.

The most convincing certifications are contingent on your specific industry. It is worth looking into an additional course to display the certificate on your site.

Free Trial

Free Trials give customers an honest view of your products and services and help create confidence. Customers are encouraged to try their product even if they are unsure about it.

A trial period of no risk. If they like it, they will avoid losing money by it. If they decide tolike it, they’ll know what they can expect once they’ve signed up.


Did your business get featured in news releases or a press article? The publicity you receive makes your business more trustworthy. You can include an image of the company which covers the story on your website.

You can better convert prospects into customers by boosting customer trust by increasing customer confidence. These trust marks can help establish your company as authoritative, secure, safe, and a market leader.

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