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Types of Display Boxes for Retail Stores

There are many types of display boxes available for retail stores. Some are custom printed, while others are unusal, such as double-deck boxes. To get the most out of them, consider custom printing, Eco-friendly counter display boxes, and unusual materials. You can find a display box to suit your needs no matter what product you are selling. Read on to discover some of the options available to you!

Custom printed display boxes

You can boost your business by choosing from the different types of display boxes available on the market. These boxes are an excellent way to display promotional items and can also be used as packaging for other promotional products. These boxes can hold various kinds of items, including cookies, batteries, and feminine care products. Depending on the type of box you choose, you can sell many different types of items using them. Listed below are some of the different types of boxes available on the market.

While choosing the materials for your boxes, keep in mind that the most common ones are made of cardboard. Cardboard is cost-effective and biodegradable. Colors are an essential part of a custom display box, as they are visible and appealing to consumers. Choosing colorful patterns can further enhance the look of your product. Transparency also plays a key role in customer loyalty. It gives the potential buyer a chance to check out the product without opening the box.

Double-deck display boxes

Double-deck display boxes are a great way to showcase all types of products. With two levels of display space, this packaging can tell two stories in one. You can choose the size and design of these boxes to suit your needs, and Apple Rock can help you select the perfect one for your business. Once you decide on the type of display box, consider your merchandise’s dimensions before ordering. Larger boxes allow you to display more products, while smaller boxes make it difficult for potential customers to view the products.

Double-deck display boxes are also great for trade shows. Double-deck trade show displays offer additional space, giving you the ability to tell two stories at once. For a free consultation, contact Apple Rock and ask about our Double-deck display options. Boost your business with these custom boxes today! You’ll be glad you did! Once you’ve decided on a size, let Apple Rock give you a call and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Eco-friendly counter display boxes

Custom-built counter display boxes are a great way to showcase your products without opening them. These are designed to be recyclable and can hold several items, allowing you to display more than one product. Many manufacturers offer custom designs, enabling you to create the perfect display boxes for your products. Choose from auto bottom and display lid counter boxes, double-wall cardboard displays, and more! All are environmentally friendly and will boost your business!

Counter displays are also convenient to store and transport. Many counter display boxes are pre-folded for easy storage and transportation. These boxes are also made of post-consumer cardboard and do not require glue or adhesives. You can custom-design them to match your brand or product, as well as your counter space. This way, you can maximize the amount of space you have at hand while using fewer resources.

Unusual materials

To maximize your business potential, choose display boxes made of unique materials. Cardboard, corrugated, paperboards, and kraft materials are a few options. You can choose any type of material you like for your boxes as long as it is high quality. There are several advantages of cardboard-based boxes. Not only does it allow customers to see the products, but it is also eco-friendly and will not harm the products inside.

Display boxes are the most popular choice for retail businesses. Their simple and affordable design allows you to save thousands of dollars on marketing strategies. Each box is designed by an expert team at Ask Custom Boxes to ensure customer satisfaction. For the best results, place the boxes near the entrance and checkout counter. Here are a few ideas for creative placement. To increase your sales, place display boxes near the entrance of your store. Once customers enter your store, they can see the items inside.


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