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USA tax relief service RETURNS

We have a wide variety of tax services for Canadian citizens and foreign visitors, so we’ll always have a solution that’s right for you. We can file your Canadian tax return and find out if you overpaid.

If you are due a tax refund, we can apply to the CRA on your behalf.

Who must file a Canadian tax return?

If you are new to Canada or starting your first job, you may have wondered if you have to file taxes.

In summary, most workers in Canada are required to file a tax return in which they have had to pay tax relief service for the year.

The deadline to file your tax return and pay any tax balance you owe is usually April 30 of the following tax year. In other words, the tax return you file will refer to the income earned in the previous year.

It is always advisable to present it as soon as possible and avoid last minute rush. So even though the deadline is April 30, you can choose to file as early as mid-February.

If you miss the deadline, the CRA may impose fines or penalties.

However, one of the main advantages of filing a tax return is that there is a good chance that you have overpaid taxes and are entitled to a tax refund. When you file your tax return, you can request your refund and have your taxes refunded.

We have a range of tax services for citizens and residents of Canada. We’ll provide you with a free tax refund estimate and file your taxes online.

We offer:

  • The right service for you

    He is single? Do you have a common law partner? Do you own a home? No matter your circumstances, we will manage your return.
  • Study of credits and deductions

    We will review your circumstances and see if you can benefit from all applicable relief.
  • Free Tax Refund Calculation

    Our free refund calculator provides you with an immediate refund estimate.
  • online tracking

    We’ll provide you with access to our secure online tax tracker to review the progress of your return.
  • audit assistance

    If your case is audited, we can deal with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) on your behalf at no additional cost.
  • Tax Return Amendments

    If your Canadian return has been filed incorrectly, we can review and amend it.

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