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10 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginners

Video Editing Software marketing is being explored as a result of advancements in internet speed technology and public interest. เว็บตรงสล็อต

And if you’re seeking the best video editing software for YouTube beginners because you want to create your own videos to share with others, I believe you’ve come to the correct place.

You may get a list of the best video editing programmes for YouTube novices in this article. Additionally, we have assembled products with fantastic features and straightforward user interfaces in this collection. Therefore, in order to get started, you don’t need to acquire any courses or be tech-savvy.

Video Trends

Over 2 billion people are currently active on YouTube,  บาคาร่าออนไลน์ watching 250 million hours of video per day. The best feature of Youtube is that, unlike TV, you can select the type of content you want to watch. Brands are increasingly using video content in their marketing plans. 

Professional high-quality video editing software helps maintain your content strategy up to date if you are not an expert and are unsure of where to begin.

Do you know that people watch videos for longer than they read any text or look at any photos? Every day, more than 85% of internet users in the US watch videos online. One of the easiest forms of content to consume is video because:

  • it’s easier to watch a video recipe than read it, for example;
  • video is great content to engage users and share ideas.

Despite all the benefits of promoting video content online, it faces less competition than text and images. Despite the reality that making videos is not all that tough, most people typically think it sounds terrifying.

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Beginners

1. Shortcut

It is a fantastic piece of free video editing software that runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows. The shortcut works in the same way as its pricey analogues: you drag and drop video and audio clips onto the timeline, then add effects and subtitles. The outcome can then be converted into a video file.

They initially created versions of this programme for Linux users before deciding to make it for Mac and PC users after several years of development. The Shortcut user interface is peculiar because of this. They provide a lot of user-friendly features, such as the ability to drag files into your project to import them.

2. is intended to replace a freelance video editor. Users can record themselves using the app or upload clips to an AI video editing service.  

Instead of exchanging emails with a video expert, users simply add notes about how they want the video to look right in the app. 

They click submit, and produces a draught of their edited video in less than a day. Then, as needed, users can add or edit comments.

Users pay a monthly subscription to, and in return get four videos a month from the service. Cleveland asserts that this process is significantly quicker and more streamlined than working with a freelance editor, which can take as long as a week per video.

3. Apple iMovie

iMovie is the ideal option for you if elegance and simplicity are what you’re after. One of the most widely used editors for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS. It has ten Apple-created video filters, eight themes with music, transitions, and titles, as well as many various effects like image-in-image, slow motion, split-screen, and fast forward.

The programme also includes tools for making soundtracks. The “green screen” in iMovie is one of the nicest features because it enables you to set your subject in any exotic location, like Bali or Greenland.

4. Lightworks

Free video editing software is available in the form of Lightworks. The software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. For camera operators, editors, sound engineers, and bloggers, it is the ideal platform. Create home video archives using it, utilize it for personal or commercial purposes, and use it to populate social media.

For low-cost or free projects, Lightworks is an excellent choice. To make editing windows move around and your working process more efficient, you can import and render your video in the background. You can even create your own keyboard shortcuts.

5. Final Cut Pro X

This video editor was created by Apple for the Mac OS. The user interface reminds me a lot of iMovie. It features a wide variety of effects, including video, audio, transitions, title effects, and the option to add more. It incorporates a variety of video output types as well as uploads to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

Although the $300 price tag of Final Cut Pro appears excessive, this programme comes with a tonne of incredible capabilities. Use colour coding for identification, group videos with another element so that you can move them together, and add audio and a title effect to your clip.

6. HitFilm Express

The people who require a strong collection of tools for processing videos are the target audience for this free programme. It allows you to edit video footage with ease and has a tonne of helpful features and built-in templates. You may rapidly export a video in high quality after generating it.

You can quickly cut clips, change colours, and export your footage to any video format using HitFilm. In addition, you can establish green screen chroma keys, make bespoke video masks, and generate potent film with a variety of 3D compositional characteristics using this free programme.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

Earlier, this editing programme for smartphones and tablets was made available for iOS users.

Premiere Rush is a condensed version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Vloggers and YouTube content producers are their target market. It provides the ability to work with audio, resize videos, fix colours, and other capabilities.

The software includes expert templates that let you quickly create stunning title effects and share them on social media. Working with videos that you take with your smartphone is easy with this programme.

8. Filmora 9

A good substitute for Windows Movie Maker, which includes all the features you require to handle your video, is Filmora Video Editor.

It makes it simple to produce any style of expert video or movie with various visual and aural effects, including filters, transitions, overlays, personalized subtitles, and other components.

Additionally, they provide Filmora Go, which is intended for mobile editing, and Filmora Scrn, which enables you to record and edit screen films. For YouTubers who post any kind of video tutorial, it is a helpful tool.

9. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Even for beginners, this application offers a wide range of straightforward video editing capabilities. 

It contains a tonne of video editing capabilities, such as video collage templates that let you combine several videos into one layout and remove distortion from action camera videos. 360-degree video can be edited and directly sent to YouTube.

This potent tool comes with a plethora of features, including Multicam, motion tracking, and support for 4K and 360-degree VR. Additionally, in terms of rendering speed, it is the fastest product available.

10. Blender

The major application of this free editor is for three-dimensional graphics. Because of its cross-platform capabilities, open-source code, accessibility, and usefulness, the software gained a lot of popularity among both amateur and expert 3D modellers.

Although it is not this application’s core function, video editing is a strong component. On the Mac, PC, and Linux platforms, Blender performs admirably. When it comes to exporting movies and supporting file kinds, it is, however, uncontrollable.

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