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What do you need to know about structural retrofitting and repairs?

The structure of your home or business building is what keeps it going. Understanding what is included in your building’s structure and what issues to look out for is essential. Things such as foundations, beams and trusses are all subject to important structural parts. If you notice a big sinking crack or the shifting of the building, these are all signs that one or more of these items need to be repaired. These repairs will not alter the appearance of your building in any way. 

Is structural repair really necessary?

In short, the answer is yes. Suppose you want your building to remain safe for your family or employees for many years to come. Here are a few specific situations where you might want an expert to go out to your building to evaluate.

  • If your building is decades old and no longer meets modern safety standards 
  • The building material is not of good quality and causes vulnerabilities
  • The walls are not properly fenced and are unstable 
  • The interior walls need to be demolished.

Would you like to hire a structural repair specialist?

When repairing structural elements for your home or business, you are dealing with some of the most important aspects of that building. If you decide to do a structural project yourself, you can make mistakes and damaging the integrity of the building. This could lead to additional cost issues. The structural repairs specialists are thoroughly educated on all the basic and essential elements of a building. They will make sure your building is in good shape after making the required changes, so skip the risks of doing it yourself and professionals today.

What are the benefits of structural retrofitting?

Better comfort: Draft rooms in winter and hot rooms in summer are symptoms of domestic inefficiencies. They also have a very negative impact on home comfort. Retrofitting brings a whole house approach which adds comfort to your entire home by dealing with air leaks and broken insulation. These problems can be identified by infrared thermal scanning and blower door testing. Improved air sealing and insulation are just two of the retrofit features that enhance comfort.

Greater building durability: By isolating building problems and solving them, qualified structural retrofitting contractors can identify and resolve long-term issues that may arise in a residential building, such as humidity and air infiltration, poor ventilation and structural problems.

Higher resale value: Energy-efficient homes provide not only short-term dividends – through lower energy costs – but also long-term returns by increasing the resale value of your property. This is an increasingly important factor. Energy efficiency is an essential real estate consideration for prospective homebuyers. Additionally, the added benefits of home improvements such as increased comfort, air quality and durability make energy-efficient homes more attractive.

Indoor environmental quality: In the energy improvement process, certified home efficiency contractors assess possible sources of poor indoor air quality and take steps to get rid of them. This process may involve evaluating combustion equipment for safe operation and measuring ventilation rates to ensure they meet the latest safety standards.

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