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What is an internet cafe simulator?

Internet cafe simulator is a where you open your own internet cafe. You can build your town with cafes, cinemas, and other buildings! You can even hire people to work in your cafe as a barista. The game is very addictive and fun!

An internet cafe simulator is a game where you open your own , which is also called an internet café or LAN gaming centre. In this type of game, your goal is to become successful by building a town with cafes, cinemas and other buildings! The players can hire people to work in their own cafe as baristas or waiters to bring them snacks and drinks.

In this article I will explain what Internet Cafe Simulator is and how it works

You can build your town with cafes, cinemas, and other buildings! It’s a very fun game that you can play for free on Steam.

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You’ll be able to use the money you earn in the game to buy more land to build on. You could even make a farm if you want! And then if you want to expand it even further, there are special buildings called “farms” that let you grow crops that will sell for more money!

Internet cafe simulator Gameplay

You can even hire people to work in your cafe as a barista, waiter, cashier or janitor.

  • A barista will make coffee or tea for the players who visit your cafe.
  • A waiter will serve food and drinks to your customers.
  • A cashier will be able to help you count all the money you earn at the end of every day. If you have more than one cashier working in your cafe then they’ll share this responsibility.
  • A janitor cleans up after each customer leaves so they don’t get sick from germs left behind on tables and chairs!

This game is worth playing!

This game is worth playing!

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download this game through the App Store. The app is called Internetcafesimulator and it costs $1.99.

You can find this game in Google Play as well, but it costs more than the iOS version; it’s called CyberCafe Simulator and costs $6.49 to buy! So if you want to pay extra money to play this game, make sure you have a good reason why first before buying anything else on your phone because there are also apps like Tinder which are better than paying more money on something else just because people say so or because they think that paying more money is what makes them look cool when really all that matters is how much time & effort goes into making a product good quality rather than how much money someone else pays for those things too


Internet cafe simulator is a great game. It’s fun, relaxing and most importantly, it’s free! If you like playing simulation games then this one’s for you.

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