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What is email marketing?

Types of Email marketing campi

Email marketing is a type of computerized marketing that leverages email to promote items and services to potential customers as well as current and past customers. It’s imperative for building brand awareness, driving conversions, and developing customer devotion.

In internet years, email marketing is an ancient workmanship, however it actually works. Among marketing channels, for example, social media and SMS, it ceaselessly delivers some of the highest return on initial capital investment per dollar spent, anywhere from $38 to $42 return on every $1 invested. For perspective, a 10:1 return on initial capital investment for your computerized marketing efforts is considered a stellar return.

As retail and e-commerce increasingly depend on computerized marketing to reach leads, prospects, and existing customers, email marketing stirs things up around town with personalized messaging brilliantly, perfectly located, with the right offer — with customers’ consent.

Of course, because contacts agree to get email interchanges from you doesn’t mean that any email will consequently drive conversions or construct a confiding in relationship. You need to be strategic. That means understanding where each recipient is on their customer journey.

Types of email marketing campaigns

There are a wide range of types of email crusades. Here are some normal ones marketing teams have developed over the years regardless view as effective:

  1. Welcome email

This automated email welcomes someone when they join to receive emails from you. Let them realize you see them: acknowledge and appreciate their decision to engage with your organization. Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

  1. Promotional

When you have a new item or service, or need to reintroduce existing ones, send promotion emails tailored to each segment of your email list. Early on deals for potential customers and special access or other perks for existing customers can meet each person where they are on their purchasing journey.

  1. Seasonal

The huge shopping day after Thanksgiving, summertime, class kickoff, and other recurring seasonal events are great opportunities to let people realize that you have what they need to help make this the best occasion, graduation, or get-away yet.

  1. Triggered email

Robotization is one of your best friends when it comes to email marketing. When your subscriber taps on an offer, makes a purchase, returns or exchanges an item, or leaves items in their truck, the movement triggers marketing software to send a customized email for each specific activity. Strike while the iron is hot.

  1. Re-engagement

Has it been a while since you’ve heard from or engaged with someone who previously showed interest or made a purchase? Send an email with an offer they can’t resist or with data you realize they’ll see as valuable, and rekindle that stale relationship. Let them realize you remember them and the great times you had together.

  1. Post-purchase drip

Your email engagement doesn’t end when someone purchases one of your items or services. That is when you’re simply beginning to assemble customer trust and dependability by remaining attentive and helpful. Email assumes a significant part here, beginning with order affirmation and going on through transportation affirmation and follow-up emails to ensure that your customer is satisfied. You can make sure any issues are corrected and furthermore offer extra items and services.

  1. Newsletter

Create valuable content for your subscribers and share it with them on a regular premise. This keeps your organization and items top-of-mind while partnering your image with content that subscribers value. Content can take the type of useful hints, item updates, and, surprisingly, a touch of entertainment.

  1. Cart Abandonment Campaign

People like to shop online, fill their truck with anything that has great searches at the time, and afterward for quite a few reasons, don’t complete the purchase. Some estimates place average truck abandonment at 70% to 80% of e-commerce shoppers. Email mechanization helps by triggering an email reminder to encourage shoppers to return to those items in their truck.

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