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What is Metasploit?

Do you know what Metasploit is? If you are passionate about ethical hacking, you will want to know everything about this tool, which contains around 900 exploits to test the cybersecurity of any computer system. When doing a security audit, it will be necessary to attack the client’s software in every possible way. In this post, we will talk about one of the most complete tools for pentesting exercises. Next, we will explain what Metasploit is.

What is Metasploit?

Metasploit Framework is open source software, which was initially written in the Perl programming language and later transcribed into the Ruby language to modernize and streamline its operation. Metasploit comes installed on the Kali Linux operating system and over time has become the most widely used tool for executing exploits in the world of ethical hacking.

Metasploit is a project that has more than 900 different exploits, which allow you to test the vulnerabilities present in a computer system. It is a free, cross-platform program, although it has a paid version, called Metasploit Pro, which includes a certain number of zero-day exploits annually.

Metasploit also has different tool modules. In addition to the exploitation module, there are others for payloads, that is, malicious codes for the post-exploitation of a bug, or encoders, which allow malware to be encrypted and evade detection systems, among others.

What does the Metasploit Framework allow you to do?

Now that you know what the Metasploit Framework is, it’s time to learn about all the features that this penetration testing tool has. These are:

  • Scan and collect information from a machine: This involves the use of tools such as Nmap, in order to make a complete data collection about the target of the attack.
  • Identify and explore security vulnerabilities: This program can detect which vulnerabilities in a computer system have already been published in the CVE system and thus find which types of exploits have been developed to take advantage of them.
  • Privilege escalation: Metasploit has software designed to gain administrator privileges on different operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Linux.
  • Install backdoors: In its payload module, there are malicious codes that allow backdoors to be installed on the victim’s system in order to steal confidential information from their computer.
  • Fuzzing: This involves automating the entry of random, unexpected, or erroneous values ​​into a system’s inputs, in order to find computer flaws that allow a device or network to be infiltrated.
  • Antivirus Evasion: Metasploit includes tools for code obfuscation, allowing code to be rewritten in such a way that it is unidentifiable to a defense system.
  • Elimination of traces: this program also includes methods that allow the attacker’s fingerprint to be erased, through the elimination of logs and malicious files that have been used during the hack.

What are vulnerabilities and exploits?

You already know what Metasploit is, so now we will review key concepts to understand how this tool works. To do this, we will briefly explain what computer vulnerability is and what an exploit is.


A vulnerability is a computer failure that compromises the cybersecurity of a system. In other words, vulnerabilities are bugs that malicious hackers can use to cause damage to a company’s devices and networks. The existence of these failures could lead to the loss of data, money, denial of services of the page and could even lead to the ruin of a corporation.

Exploits, on the other hand, are software specially designed to take advantage of a security flaw. These programs contain a payload, i.e. malicious code that is installed on the victim’s device after the exploit has been executed. Metasploit offers a “bank” of this type of software so that you can test each vulnerability you find. You can even install a remote machine on an infected computer, which is considered one of the greatest dangers for a system.


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