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Where To Apply With Low Ucat Score?

Where To Apply With Low Ucat Score?

Medical study is a dream of every science student. Students work hard and try to attain a high score on UCAT for medical admission. UCAT is the trickiest test and demands a student to polish all the attributes a doctor should have. Sometimes students fail to pass the UCAT exam and lose hope. Is it the end of the medical field? Let’s discuss it in this article.

UCAT Does Not Decide the Medical Admission

UCAT does not close the doors of medical schools to students. The education world is full of those universities that do not follow UCAT scores. They do not demand high UCAT scores for medical admission.

Other Options After UCAT

A student can opt for other choices if he does not get high scores on UCAT.

1. New Universities

A student can try his luck in new medical universities that demand low scores for medical tests. New universities make student-friendly policies to generate more traffic. They maintain a lower competition rate and do not demand the highest entry test scores for admission.

2. No Need for Medical Schools UCAT Requirements

A student can get admission to universities that do not require UCAT scores. UCAT is the thorniest test for a medical seat. It demands professional skills in communication, body language, research, problem-solving methods, interviews, and medical information. BMAT is much easier than UCAT.

3. BMAT Universities

Besides fulfilling the medical schools UCAT requirements, a student can choose BMAT to secure a seat in a medical school. BMAT means Bio Medical Admissions Test. The educational department provides its syllabus for the convenience of the student. Many students who cannot pass UCAT get high scores in BMAT.

4. Personal Statement based Medical Admission

A student can try those universities that focus on personal statements and academic backgrounds. Many universities neither require UCAT nor BMAT from their students. They focus on a student’s educational history and personal statement. It is the easiest way to get admission to a medical university. 

BMAT Universities

The universities that accept BMAT scores are;

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Leeds
  • Keele University
  • University College London
  • Imperial College London.
  • Lancaster University
  • Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Personal Statement Universities

There are only two universities that neither demand UCAT nor BMAT.

  • University of Central Lancashire
  • University of Buckingham

How to Get Prepare for Medical Admission?

A student must prepare for medical admission because no one cannot gain anything without hard work. A small effort is a need for every success. A student needs an academy to prepare for UCAT, BMAT, interviews, and personal statements.

Get Prepare from The Future Medic

The most famous institute for the preparation of medical tests is The Future Medic. They prepare their students for UCAT, BMAT, Medical Interview, and writing the winning personal statement. They help their students to fulfill the medical schools UCAT requirements to attain the highest score. The Future Medic guide their students step by step and helps them for securing seats in renowned medical schools. So start your Doctorate journey with The Future Medic.

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