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Who is regarded as the richest cricketer in the world?

This can be truly regarded as a very interesting question. Almost all of us might be curious to find the answer to this question. As we all know, cricket is considered as one of the most famous sports now-a-days. Almost every family has at least one die-hard cricket fan! Thus, it is evident that people greatly love and support this game. Here, we will be discussing the topic, “the richest cricketer in the world”. So, without further delay, let’s get into our discussion of the topic.

  • Sachin Tendulkar, the king of cricket

Sachin Tendulkar can be truly regarded as a famous name in the field of cricket. His contribution to this field can be regarded as immense. Almost all the young cricketers aspire to become like this legend and he is one of the most notable cricketers in the world. He is also regarded as very rich and affluent. His net worth is about $170 million. He was the first cricketer to establish an INR 100 crore deal after he was appointed as the brand ambassador of MRF. Apart from this famous brand, he was also the face of many brands like BMW, Adidas, Pepsi Co, Castrol, Paytm and many more. As per reports, Tendulkar was the most marketable cricketer of the 90s. This has kept earning him plenty of brand endorsements. Thus, it is evident that he has a number of different sources of income apart from cricket. 

  • MS Dhoni, the 2nd richest cricketer in the world

MS Dhoni can be regarded as one of the most loved cricketers of all time. He is a very humble person who has taken Indian cricket to great heights. Under his valuable guidance, the Indian cricket team won all the ICC trophies – the T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy and ICC World Cup. As per reports, he is also a part of this list that we are discussing and he actually holds the second position. His net worth is about $111 million. He was regarded as the biggest face for brand endorsements, a few years into his emergence in international cricket. MS Dhoni has endorsed several notable companies and among them he has had a long-standing relationship with Reebok. He is also the brand ambassador of Orient, Indigo Paints, RedBus, Bharat Matrimony, GoDaddy, SRMB Steel, Oreo, Dream11, Gulf Oil India, TVS Motors, Lays, Colgate, etc. Thus, it is evident that he earns a good amount of his income through these brand endorsements. In addition to that he owns an ISL team called Chennaiyin FC. He also has a fashion label named Se7en.

  • Virat Kohli, the most popular cricketer in the world

Virat Kohli can be considered as a very popular cricketer now-a-days. He has a lot of fans from all over the world. He has achieved the stardom of the highest order in a relatively short span of time. His net worth is about $92 million. Thus, he is regarded as the 3rd richest cricketer in the world. He has established himself as a strong face for different commercial brands over the years. Currently, he is the brand ambassador of various noteworthy brands like Audi, Google, Manyavar, Hero moto corp, Colgate, Puma, Myntra, etc. In addition to that, he has his own fashion brands Wrogn and one8. He also possesses another notable achievement. He is regarded as the only cricketer to be included in Forbes highest paid athletes list among active players. Thus, it is evident that he truly deserves to be on this list!

  • Ricky Ponting, the 4th richest cricketer in the world

Most of us know this great cricketer. He was a former Australian skipper and was one of the finest cricketers in the world. During his days as a cricketer, he has gathered a great amount of wealth. This cricketer had an incredible reputation in the game of cricket and as a result, he was able to earn numerous sponsorship deals with international brands like Adidas, Rexona, Kookaburra Bats and Pura Milk. This famous cricketer has a net worth of $70 million. As a result, he holds the fourth spot in the list of the top 5 richest cricketers. This achievement is essentially due to the tremendous success that he has had with the Australian cricket team and the image he garnered in world cricket. Even today, people shower him with lots of love and respect.

  • Brian Lara, one of the biggest names in international cricket

We all know this famous cricketer. He is the former West Indies captain. Even today, he is regarded as one of the biggest names in international cricket. Because of this fame and popularity, he still endorses many brands. As per reports, his net worth is about $60 million. This makes him the 5th richest cricketer in the world. As we all know, this legend had an international cricket career that spanned 17 years and amassed over 10,000 runs in both formats. From this, it is evident that he was quite popular among people all over the world. This popularity got him a sponsorship deal with MRF tires. In addition to that, he also endorses several other notable brands. 

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Hence, from our discussion of the topic, ”the richest cricketer in the world”, it is quite evident that the list contains many prominent cricketers and their net worth is really huge. This is entirely because of their hardwork and dedication. In addition to their permanent source of income which is cricket, these cricketers earn a considerable amount of money from different brand endorsements. Most of them are seen in different types of commercials on a regular basis. In addition to that, some of them also have their own business ventures. Thus, it is evident that they have multiple sources of income which help them to maintain their name in this list. Another interesting fact associated with this list is that the Indian cricketers hold the first three positions on this list. This can be regarded as quite interesting as well as inspiring. The fact that the Indian cricketers have achieved such great heights is indeed a matter of great pride!

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