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Why are Escape Rooms the Best Creative Team Building Activities?

We all want to achieve maximum productivity at work and in our personal lives. It is an everyday challenge. Many people try to get by with sheer willpower and logic, but often it fails. Research shows that people tend to be more efficient when teaming up. Collaboration can make you more creative, innovative, and dynamic in solving problems.

One of the best team bonding activities in Singapore is Escape Rooms! In this game, a group of people is locked inside a room, usually of varying riveting themes, and they have to unlock quests and decode puzzles to escape within a limited time frame. 

Escape rooms are fun, challenging and rewarding. Corporate businesses often organise them because they are perfect for team-building exercises that promote creativity, strategic project management, and communication among employees. 

Here are some reasons why Escape Room is among the most enjoyable ad effective team building activities for cooperation and collaboration in your workplace:

  1. It is entertaining, and you can have some fantastic unexpected results.

Escape rooms are an exciting and advantageous way to spend an afternoon. They’re fun, active, and get you out of the office—all while bonding with your colleagues. You never know what skills you can learn from an escape room, and you can have the most enjoyable time as you untangle mysteries and find answers.

It is also conducive to learning new things about yourself and others; everyone has different strengths and weaknesses regarding problem-solving in real-life situations. The best part about this? Most escape rooms have a proper set of instructions, so everyone has an equal chance at playing, and nobody is left out!

  1. Mistakes don’t matter – it is all about having a gala time.

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging, and the entire game is based on your ability to solve puzzles and make decisions quickly. However, you don’t have to be concerned about making a mistake! If you get stuck or don’t understand something, you need to use all your senses and be creative because there are no hints or walkthroughs available outside of asking your team members for their opinions. 

It diminishes your fear of failure or humiliation, allowing you and your team to be more open and honest. It promotes involvement, engagement, and communication between the players.

  1. You can unleash your imagination and creativity without hesitation.

All of your senses are employed when solving an escape room quest, and you must put to work your imagination and critical thinking abilities to solve the puzzles correctly. This is why escape rooms are one of the best creative team building activities because it encourages everyone on the team to use their communication and problem-solving skills. 

You can let go of any inhibitions and open wide the floodgates of your intelligence and inventiveness. With the right boost of confidence and reassurance, this skill set can easily be applied to your work, allowing you to deal with complex challenges innovatively.

  1. Every opinion and idea is equally important.

An Escape Room gives you a brilliant opportunity to make decisions on a collaborative basis. All members need to contribute equally. No one should feel unheard, or their opinion marked as irrelevant. This can pose a hindrance when working with people outside your usual circle of friends or family members, but this activity aims to promote harmony.

Everyone can share their ideas because it is usually the strangest guess that works out! It can bolster the group’s sense of community and belongingness, making the members more comfortable with each other. 

  1. It promotes diversity and uniqueness of opinions in problem-solving.

Problem-solving is a vital skill for both work and life, and it can be practised easily in a fun, challenging environment. Escape rooms are great because they demand you to think quickly and creatively when solving puzzles.

This is especially true of escape rooms with mechanical elements such as locks or codes, which require critical analysis before being unlocked successfully. You will learn how to approach these puzzles in your everyday life and integrate them into your work performance. These interesting team building activities in Singapore can help improve your ability to think outside the box by exposing you to new ways of thinking about obstacles.

  1. It promotes adaptability and flexibility based on the circumstances.

No two circumstances are the same. One of your skills may be extremely helpful in one scenario but completely redundant in another. In such cases, being quickly adaptive to new situations aids you significantly. You and your colleagues can improve this skill by solving quests in Escape Rooms. 

Each theme has different mysteries, and you must broaden your horizons about decoding locks and puzzles. A flexible mindset is a coveted quality in corporates, one that you require for maintaining your position in a dynamic workplace and can achieve through exhilarating and thought-provoking mysteries in an Escape Room.

Tips to Make the Best out of Escape Rooms for your Team

As a corporate house, the uninterrupted functioning of the company depends on the relationships between its employees and employers. Undoubtedly, an escape room is one of the most promising team bonding activities to assist you in building harmony and particular attributes within your team. 

To make the game more delightful and fun for everyone, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Before you start the game, ensure that everybody is on-board, comfortable with the theme of the quest, and not feeling pressured to participate.
  • It is advisable to inform the teammates of the reason for choosing this team-building activity over other options so that they are not wary of any evaluations or hesitant about their performance.
  • Suppose you are using Escape Rooms to evaluate your team’s performance in high-stakes situations. In that case, it is best to guarantee that the puzzle theme is not biased in any member’s favour. Equity is the way to go!
  • Determine the standards of conduct and acceptable behaviour beforehand. 
  • Get everyone involved – unnecessary challenges arise when people feel left out or overlooked. Ensure smooth communication channels and be prepared for any tensions in the team. Temper can get the best of anyone, and you must remember that this activity’s purpose is to overcome such obstacles. 
  • A detailed analysis of the players’ performance after the game is essential to determine how beneficial the activity was and what improvements can be made for tremendous success in the future. 

If you want to try something new, unique and engaging for your team, we invite you to explore the world of escape rooms! Improve your cooperation, coordination, and team success rates with the best team building activities in escape room Singapore. Even if it is a make-believe situation, it has proven to deliver real, long-lasting effects in the workplace. 

Find the most thrilling and effective escape room games for team bonding at Lost SG. You can choose from our catalog of games to find the perfect theme for your group and start playing! Immerse yourself in the mind-bending plot and try to decode tricky puzzles with your colleagues. Can you escape?

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