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Why Choose A Hybrid App Development Company Instead Of Native App Developers

Developing an app for a brand has become the best way to maximize revenue generation. But you need to determine whether investing in hybrid application development will be better than paying for native app development. Before opting for one of the above, you need to analyze the multiple variable parameters like:

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  • Core business model.
  • Nature of target audience.
  • Expected user experience.
  • Features of the app.

That is why in this blog, you will get an elaborate view of the main differences existing between the development of a native and a hybrid app. There will be also discussions on how to make the right decision depending on your business type.

What is a Native app?

The developers create the native applications based on the use of a native software language and tools specific to the platform. For instance, developers create the native iOS apps using either Swift or C and compile them using the Xcode. On the other hand, native Android application development will involve the use of Java or Kotlin with compilation via Android Studio.

What is a Hybrid app?

Hybrid applications refer to software apps that combine the elements of both web applications and web applications. Webdecorum is a reputed hybrid app development company that exhibits expertise in developing web applications in a native app environment that can work on multiple platforms owing to additional features.

Popular hybrid mobile app development frameworks

The chief advantage of a hybrid application is the flexibility to deploy on multiple operating systems and devices using the same code. This feature has made the option more affordable in comparison to native apps.

Take a quick look at the frameworks that have earned huge popularity among developers for making these hybrid apps.

  • React Native Being the top choice of developers all over the globe, the framework comes with a world of highly advanced functions and features like life reload, code reusability, native plug-ins, community support, and more.
  • Flutter is the open-source framework from Google that is popular for its speed and reliability to develop the highly interactive native interface. There is a massive collection of widgets for SDKs and customization.
  • IonicWebdecorum has earned a massive reputation by using the Ionic framework that offers an extensive set of tools and features. It helps in creating interactive applications with.
    • Native mobile components for UI.
    • Different layouts
    • Debugging and testing tools other frameworks like PhoneGap and Microsoft’s Xamarin are also the picks for millions of app developers worldwide.

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