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Why choose a modern Ziegler Persian rug?

Ziegler is not a type of carpet, but comes from a brand present a long time ago and having left its mark in the coloring process during its installation in the East. The dyes used are made from plants and minerals. This technique still exists today and is used for coloring modern ziegler rugs online. These rugs are renowned for their finesse and colorful beauty.

A modern Ziegler rug is made primarily of wool and cotton. Entirely made by hand, Persian rugs are oriented in a precise direction in which the velvet expresses itself. The dose of incoming light is very important, as it can bring out different hues. Ziegler rugs do not have a natural orientation, it is up to you to place it as you wish, according to your tastes and your decorative desires. The modern patterns are easily recognizable when compared to the traditional patterns of classic Ziegler rugs. They are very design, durable and wear resistant.

Our advice on the modern Ziegler rug

to embellish your interior, nothing better than a modern Ziegler rug. Handmade Oriental rugs that need to be taken care of. Your handmade rug can be placed in a lighted space. However, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Note that the orientation of the carpet allows a superb visual effect: the colors are different depending on the light.

Care of a Modern Ziegler Rug: Modern Ziegler rugs are handmade rugs. Stains are your first enemy because they can irreparably damage your Oriental rug. At the slightest stain, you must act quickly with mild soap or powder soap. Dry the carpet fibers or allow them to air dry. Then use your vacuum cleaner and repeat the operation if necessary. If the stain is not gone, take your carpet to a professional for a dry cleaning. If you see a snag, take it in for a proper repair right away. Buy Quality rugs from!

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