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Why Do Streaks Mean on Snapchat?

Sending snaps to friends for more than one day is considered a Streak. Streaks refer to how occasionally two people have been sending snaps to each other. You have to send a snap every day in order to maintain your streak. You can easily check your streak stats as it is shown next to your name in the Snapchat app. Snapchat streak displayed with no. of days the streak is continuing.

The streak is symbolized by a Flame, which can be seen by the two people who are involved in the streak. A streak can only be made by two people when you and your friend have been exchanging snaps for some days consecutively. 

You can easily find the snap streak appearing in the conversations tab, next to your friend’s name with whom you were snapping. While snapping with your friend, you would find a flame emoji appearing next to your friend’s name. This indicates that you and your friend are on a snap streak. You will also find more emojis that describe your friendship.  

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Activity That Doesn’t Count Toward Your Snapstreaks

Snapchat permits you to talk with your friends in endless ways. Be that as it may, not all strategies add to your snap streak numbers. Here are a few instructions that don’t affect these numbers.

  • Posting Stories
  • Chatting
  • Sending Snaps to a Group
  • Sharing Content through Snapchat Spectacles
  • Sending Snaps from Memories

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How Do You Keep A Snapstreak Going?

You need to do these tasks to keep a Snapstreak going:

  • You have to send a snap to your friend once in 24 hours. Sending a message, picture, or video will not count as a snap.
  • You have to Receive as well as open the snap from the same friend within a 24-hour timeframe.

Snapchat normally takes 24 hours to restore your Snapstreak, but this is not guaranteed. Streak break only by glitches and viruses get resolved easily. The best way to keep the streak going— keep sending snaps daily.

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