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Why do we face log in issues in free fire?

It is a common issue to face login errors in free fire. If you are facing any issues related to logging into the game, then it is recommended that you contact support immediately for help.

Account issues

If you are facing any account related issues such as; password reset, email change or any other issue, then you can contact the support team of Free Fire. They will help you solve your problem and will also get back to you in a very short time.

Network issues

In some cases, you may find that the issue is not with the game itself but with your network. Free Fire can be played offline, so if you’re having trouble logging in to play on a different network or device, it’s likely that your network is causing the problem.

In this case, here are some things to try:

  • Log in using another operating system (for example, Windows 10 instead of Windows 7)
  • Use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • Run a speed test on both wifi and Ethernet connections

Buggy server

If you are facing log in issues, then there could be several reasons. The most common reason is the server of Free Fire game is not working properly. The second reason could be that the server is down or not responding, which might have happened due to some technical glitch in their servers.

The third reason for login issue could be related to your internet connectivity. If you are using a low-speed connection then it may take more time for you to connect with the server and thus leading to log in issues like:

  • “I am unable to log into my account.””
  • “The game keeps showing me an error message when I try logging into my account”And so on…

Login failure due to server maintenance

If you are trying to log in and have been unsuccessful, the first thing to do is check the official website for updates. If there is a maintenance scheduled, it will be posted on their site. If you see that they are doing maintenance or there are issues with your specific server, try again later when everything has been resolved (if at all possible). Otherwise contact support through their website and let them know what is happening.

Outdated game version

If you’re experiencing log in issues, it may be because your game version is outdated. To update, follow the steps here or contact support for help.

If you are having trouble with game launching after updating:

  • Re-download Free Fire from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Open Free Fire and wait until the title screen appears before exiting the app completely (do not close it while still loading).

It is recommended to contact support on these situations.

If you face any of the following issues, we recommend contacting support:

  • Account related issues, such as account recovery or resetting your password.
  • Network connectivity problems like unstable Wi-Fi or mobile data connections.
  • Bugs that prevent you from playing the game normally, such as lag and frequent disconnects.


The above are the most common issues that you may face while logging in. It is recommended to contact support if any of these situations occur.

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