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The facts on funk: why is my clear aligner yellow?

People own clear aligners, but still, they face issues regarding that.

And if you are among them, this will be a solution article for you.

We all know that invisible aligners have become a blessing for people who face problems with metal braces. The aligners really do good care of our oral health. But do we care about the health of the aligners?

Not really, right?

We have done a study where we ask people how they care for themselves. 

Unfortunately, the only thing they do is wash their aligners with a paste and then rinse it off. Nothing else.

But is this all the aligners deserve?

Let’s see what they actually deserve.

Here we will know how to maintain a few rules and take care of your dear aligners to save many bucks from your pocket.

Because if an aligner gets damaged, you must repurchase it and start from scratch.

How do aligners work?

Before you know how to take care of them, knowing how they work is essential.

Aligners work to improve orthodontic problems. But it sits all over the teeth and covers up all the teeth like a shield. Though these are transparent, that’s why the young generation loves this orthodontic tool.

When the aligners cover the teeth, the teeth get dry, and a fluid naturally made in the body called saliva is produced to moisturize a dry mouth. 

Saliva has protein that has properties present in it, which can stain the transparent aligners. Also, if you eat and don’t brush before wearing aligners, the food colors left in the teeth will stain the aligners.

Things that can stain the aligners

Tea or coffee

Regarding hot beverages and your aligners, it’s best to avoid caution. Both tea and coffee can stain aligners, making them more visible and less attractive. The tannins in both drinks can adhere to the clear plastic of the aligners, causing discoloration. 

To avoid staining your aligners, it’s best to stick to cold drinks or water while wearing them. If you must have a hot beverage, drink it through a straw placed well away from your aligners. You must brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in place.  silver jewelry for eternal love

If you get a stain on your aligner, don’t despair! There are a few things you can apply to remove the stain.

Red wine or colored drinks

When you’re out enjoying a glass of red wine or your favorite colored drink, you may not be thinking about how it will affect your aligners. But just like your teeth, aligners can stain from dark-colored beverages. Spoo-Design

 Red wine and other dark drinks are notorious for staining teeth; the same goes for aligners. The reason is that the pigments in these beverages cling to the smooth surfaces of the aligners, just as they would to your teeth. 

So what can you do to prevent staining? The best is to avoid these drinks altogether while you’re wearing orthodontic aligners.

Colored mouthwash and retainer cleaner

While aligners are made to be durable and withstand a lot of wear and tear, they are not impervious to damage. One way that you can damage your aligners is by using colored mouthwash or retainer cleaner. The dyes in these products can stain the aligners, making them difficult to clean and ruining their appearance.

Eating food with the aligners on

You may have noticed that eating with them on can cause staining. While it’s not permanent, it can be challenging to remove the stains. You must understand how eating food with the aligners stains the aligners. 

Food color can transfer to your aligners, causing them to become stained. This is most likely to happen with colorful foods like berries, sauces, and candy.

So to save your aligners from further stains, follow these steps as fast as possible. If you are considering any of these, stop them ASAP!

And there are a few tricks you can do to keep them squeaky clean and clear.

As you know, even saliva can stain the aligners, so these methods will help them stay safe from that.

How to keep the aligners clean?

Avoid using regular toothpaste and brush.

The common myth among aligner users is that they wash their aligners with regular toothpaste and brush. This causes decay of the material in the aligners leading them to a thinner body.

Instead, use toothpaste made especially for sensitive teeth and children. Don’t go for teeth whitening ingredients and other harsh toothpaste. Use a small head brush specially made to clean aligners. You will find them online easily.

Weekly cleanup

For a weekly cleanup, soak your aligners in light warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda, white vinegar, or aligners cleaner. Use any of them and soak aligners for 15 to 20 minutes. And this will help them to stay stain-proof and bacteria-free.

Always brush after finishing a snack or a meal

When wearing your orthodontic aligners, ensure your teeth are clean and color free because foods left in the corner of the teeth or mouth will stain your aligners badly.

Teeth aligners cost in India

The average price is 50,000 to 1,00,000 per year per person. You can buy teeth aligners online or offline, but offline is recommended chiefly. That way, you get the proper treatment.

Famous aligners brand

Illusion aligners, Invisalign, Byte, Smile direct club, Ever smile, and many more. With these brands, you will get invisible braces online and offline options.

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